NSLI-y 2021-2022

hey guys, didn’t see a discussion for this year of NSLI applications, wanted to get yalls opinions on how it’s going to happen for this year, application advice, etc.

It’s still kind of iffy how the program will turn out but I hope all finalists can go to their host countries.

Hey everyone! I’m applying to NSLI-Y Indonesia. Is anyone else? I’m so nervous. Almost all of my extracurricular activities are computer science-based, so I’m worried that’ll hurt my application, as I haven’t really distinguished a particular love for language (even though it’s absolutely there). I focused my narrative around never leaving the country and my cultural and linguistic blindness, so I hope that helps. I just need to finish off my last essay!

I really don’t think the extracurriculars matters at all. They want to see that you are dedicated and involved in at least something, so being super into comp sci probably won’t hurt, and I’m sure there are ways you could combine your desire for language learning with comp sci. I would be careful not to come off as if you were just some gringo who has no desire to grow during the experience, but as someone who feels like they’re not getting the international and linguistic stimulus they need and want at home, which will make you seem all the more determined and interested. If you are studying some completely different language at home for six months or more, you could mention that too, but it says on the website that lots of people have never studied the language before going.

the application deadline closed yesterday, hope everyone got theirs in! Does anyone know when semi-finalists are released?

Hello! First time Nsli applicant here! I’m applying for the Turkish AY program, and I’m also applying for CBYX and YES, since the probability is so slim. The probability is especially slim for me, as I’ve already lived abroad in the past 5 years…anyway, good luck to all of us!

@spongebobb13 Semi-finalists come out in early December, I think. So scary!

I really hope that I get picked. Going to Indonesia would be so cool.

My son who is a senior is applying for AY Arabic. He is an alumnus of the summer virtual 2020 Hindi program. Best of luck to everyone!

Hello everyone! NSLI-Y Korean VSI alumni here, I was in the batch of kids who did language learning online for the summer due to covid. I am applying to Korean AY this round so best of luck to us all for semi finals!

i’m a first time AY applicant who got into cbyx last year but dropped the virtual program due to a busy schedule and would love to be able to talk with others!

Hey guys how’s everyone doing? It’s officially December now so it’s time to be on the lookout for those emails! they usually come in early December:)

Yes! I have been keeping my eye out on this website and on my email. This is so nerve-wracking!

Right! I remember everyone was frantic on these forums last year about semi finals so good luck !!

Good luck everyone!

Does anyone know about what day they’d release? Is early December like December 10 or December 2? Haha.

Based on past years, I would say around the first to the fourth, but it really could be any day. It’ll probably be early December, though. Good luck! I hope you get in :slight_smile:


Good luck everyone!! I hope we all get in soon… the waiting game is never fun. Hopefully they release the decisions in the next few days.


So what languages are you all applying to?

Well this is my third time applying to the NSLI-Y program. First two times I applied to Korean Summer and I finally got in last round so now I am applying to Korean AY:)

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Russian Summer! Yourself?

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The Korean year