NSLI-y applications 2022-2023

Hey y’all, NSLI-y applications for this summer/academic year have recently opened up, apps due on Nov. 4th! just wanted to create this thread for this year, good luck to all applicants, especially returning virtual alums!


Any results yet for NSLI Y? Anyone received notice for semifinalists?

I’m wondering the same thing!

i was accepted into virtual winter 2022 program! i know it’s different than the summer program, but i was wondering if anyone else on here will be in my cohort—and, of course, good luck to summer applicants <3

Anyone get word back on Semifinalist?

NSLI-Y recently made a post on their Instagram stating “NSLI-Y semi-finalist notifications will be release by mid-December” So if I were to guess, maybe by the 20th!

Also, hello! I’m an applicant waiting on my Korean Summer 2022 results! I just wanted to remind you all that keeping a positive mindset about this will totally help you out! Good luck! : )

Just got SF notification!

Congrats! I wasn’t selected for further consideration but that’s probably due to me being a freshman, I have 3 more years to try. I’m wishing you luck on the next part of the process!! And I’ll be checking the thread.

Just got semifinalist notification as well. second try for me–gl/congrats to everyone depending on when you’re reading

My son got his semi-finalist notice for Korean Summer! He’s a Junior and this was his first time applying. His sister did Arabic summer 4 years ago, so he had some insight from a successful applicant. Good luck to everyone moving on! NSLI-Y is a great program

My son got SF notification last night. He applied AY Arabic

It’s awesome that you applied as a freshman! I’m confident you’ll find an opportunity to study abroad over the next couple of years.

Thank you! Good luck with interviews!!