NSLI-Y Program

I want to do the NSLI-Y Program in Korea to learn Korean in the summer of my Junior year (I’m a rising sophomore). But, I don’t want to be a linguistics/international relations major (I want to do science/writing) and I’m planning on staying in America… will this still look good for colleges like Harvard and other Ivys? Or will it just be a waste of time…?

I would apply to NSLI-Y for the purpose of learning a language, not for a college application boost.
I am a 2019 Korean Alumnus, and I specifically mentioned that I wanted to pursue a degree in engineering but I knew I wanted to use Korean and other languages in my future career. As long as you can prove that you have a valid reason to learn the language, then I say go for it and apply. Not everyone that is admitted is a prospective IR/Linguistics major.
Honestly, I wouldn’t say its a waste of time - it’s a life-changing experience. Even as an engineering major, some of my college essays will be about my experience abroad because they show growth. I hope you apply, and I wish you the best of luck.

I’m reading back on this comment and I sound extremely rude - I apologize as that was not my intent! Please ask me any questions if any arise! I applied the same year as you and also had interests in science, so I hope to be a good resource.
I will say that NSLI-Y has shifted my career goals into a possible double major in EECS and Linguistics. Learning Korean was so much fun and it made me find my new hobby of language-learning.
The app is pretty extensive, but it will help you prepare the type of essays that you will eventually have to write for college applications, so think of this as a test run/head start.
If you think of any more questions, feel free to DM me on insta @ duniiela

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