Nursing Transfer Question

Hi! I’m a freshman at RCC and I want to transfer to Adelphi’s nursing program. I’m trying to transfer for Fall 2016 (sophomore year). I’ve completed some of the pre requisites but by the time I get to Adelphi I’ll still need to complete some over there. Could anyone tell me how the nursing program works there and how applying for sophomore year transfer would affect things?

Hey! I go to Adelphi and am a nursing major too! I think this website will help you.

I’m not sure how transferring will affect your credit load and stuff, but since you wouldn’t be too far into the program as a sophomore, I think you’d be okay. Taking classes over winter break and in the summer is always an option if need be. You might not have to do that though so I would definitely email admissions and ask. They’ll be able to give you clearer answers.

Also, here is the nursing curriculum.

Scroll to the bottom of the page so you can see which classes nursing majors have to take and what year. It doesn’t include general education classes though since you can take whichever ones you want, as long as they fulfill your humanities, global, arts, etc. requirements. I hope that helps!!

It did thank you! Would I still be able to apply to the nursing program and get in even though all of my prerequisites are not done? Do they accept people like that?

@jsquared2 Honestly, I’m not sure so I suggest you email an Admissions counselor. Look on this website and find the “transfer student recruitment” counselor. She’s the 4th one as you scroll down and will probably be more helpful!