NUS class of 2024

I didn’t find a thread for NUS (NUS not Yale-NUS) applicants, so I started one. Has anyone received a decision yet?

I am an international student from Egypt applying to NUS Engineering course.

Hiii guys
Im currently in grade 12 CBSE
I scored 94% in 10 grade CBSE
Ranked 10 at zonal level of International Commerce Olympiad and Ranked 1 at my school for the same
Attended WFUNA model united nations at New York and served as president for the Security Council
I played a game of handball for my house (our school has inter house competitions)
i did some volunteering
helped out in my school MUNs as well

Do you think i stand a chance for NUS or NTU???

I would highly appreciate a reply :slight_smile: thankyouu

Hi, I am afraid it highly depends on your board marks so its hard to say.
I am currently a student at NUS, and based on my experience those coming from CBSE schools in India need atleast 98% to make it in.
If you have any questions feel free to whatsapp at 7760460924

@blackstar2001 can you please tell me when did you recieve your admission decision last year??

I checked r/NUS on reddit, and most decisions are released from May till mid July. Although I applied in February, I haven’t received my decision yet.
What is your school qualification? @sophiarichie

There are plenty of decisions released in July, and receiving a late decision in July means nothing. Many got admitted in their first choice though they received their decisions fairly late in July. I think we have to wait.

May I ask you for the average ACT scores for international engineering students. @blackstar2001

Did any CBSE student who applied and submitted their pre board results just 2 weeks back hear anything yet?

Also how will the cutoff now change since decisions are now on basis of pre boards?
I’ve heard that one girl from CBSE has already gotten into CS in the month of May

@Codododo I’m an Indian applicant(Central Board)

@Survivaliskey Hey! I have submitted the preboard results too,I don’t know of any Indian CBSE student who has gotten in tho …Also I have no idea about the cutoff coz different schools have different ways of grading the preboards.

My preboard marks are no where near the cutoff tho coz preboards are usually set way tougher than boards so i have very little hope man. What’s your status??

Hey I haven’t heard anything either yet. Did they say anything by when they’ll release decisions for us?

@Survivaliskey @sophiarichie @Livingonearth
Did you all submit your pre board marks?
Has anyone also submitted Sat and Sub Sat Scores?

They don’t need SAT tho for us yeah?

@peanutbutter01 Yea I submitted sat and math level 2 subject test.

Btw which courses did y’all apply for?

@Livingonearth Econ

If anyone hears anything let us know here pls

So since cbse results will be coming out on 15th july will they now wait to consider that? Or on the basis of pre boards only?