NUS/NTU 2018 Indian CBSE/ISC Application Outcome?

Hi guys!

My friend from CBSE applied to NUS/NTU with a 96% score this year. But he hasn’t heard back from them yet although it’s been a long time. Anybody else here in the same situation? Anyone who got in already?

Yes, I received an offer today from NTU for Aerospace Engineering. ( CBSE student)

Great, congrats! Can you tell me what were your marks like, in CBSE?

My overall percentage was 97.6 ( including English). I also had 800’s in Math 2 , physics subject tests and cleared NTSE, KVPY.

Have u received any scholarship from ntu and will u be joining

I got admissions in NTU, but I’m waiting for a reply from NUS.
Did any of you get their offer letters from NUS???

Hey guys. I checked my application status today morning and it said your application has been processed. Can anybody help me out by telling what time will it be updated? I stay in India so pls tell me in ist time.

*for nus

Did u get a reply?

Do NUS/NTU consider best of 4 or best of 5 marks?