NUS/NTU 2020 Indian CBSE/ISC Application Thread

Hey guys,
For all those 2020 Applicants from India - CBSE or ISC
Feel free to ask, share any data about NUS or NTU
And share your application outcome please.

Do NUS and NTU only accept CBSE and ISC board marks for admission?

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They take Predicted scores (at least NTU does). They had come to our school a few months back.

Hiii guys
Im currently in grade 12 CBSE
I scored 94% in 10 grade CBSE
Ranked 10 at zonal level of International Commerce Olympiad and Ranked 1 at my school for the same
Attended WFUNA model united nations at New York and served as president for the Security Council
I played a game of handball for my house (our school has inter house competitions)
i did some volunteering
helped out in my school MUNs as well

Do you think i stand a chance for NUS or NTU???

I would highly appreciate a reply :slight_smile: thankyouu

Hey! Has anyone received a response from NUS/NTU as yet?

@aarybalkar @nicolej2122 @kuuuuuuu
Have you heard back from NUS? Did you all submit your preboard marks? Also any idea by when the outcome will be out?

I haven’t heard back but I actually wrote my ISC exam in 2019 so I submitted my actual board results and I am currently studying at HKUST in Hong Kong but I am looking to transfer to either NTU or NUS.
@peanutbutter01 What is the application process for ISC/CBSE students this year? Since you don’t have your actual board results, is your application assessed on the basis of your pre-board marks?

@nicolej2122 Really have no info what the admission process will look like this year. Yes, NUS did ask for preboard marks. Any idea what the ISC/CBSE board percentage for NUS is? And when do they give the outcome?
Do you mind sharing your ISC board percentage for last year?
What course have you all applied for?

@peanutbutter01 From what I have heard, the general requirement for NUS is 97% (overall percentage).
My percentage was only 96.4% last year. I have applied for Computer Science.
I had applied last year too to both NUS and NTU but sadly I was rejected by both, I hope things are better for me this time!
If you don’t mind sharing, what is your pre-board percentage and what course have you applied for?

I think NUS and NTU dont accept transfer. So you may have to start from year 1 again

when did you receive the decision last year?

when did you receive the decision last year?

@jk179 although I’d be admitted as a first year student, they would accept credit transfers for the courses I’ve taken at HKUST. So I wouldn’t have to take similar courses again.
Last year I got my outcome on June 19th, I guess it’s delayed this time.

@nicolej2122 did NUS and NTU confirm in writing that they would accept credit transfers?

@jk179 I have a friend who did IB, who was with me at HKUST who has been accepted this year and they have confirmed the acceptance of credit transfers of the courses he did at HKUST.

@jk179 Have you applied this year? You’ve done ISC/CBSE this year?

@nicolej2122 I did last year. Now at Warwick Business school. Applied this year to NUS.

@nicolej2122 what is your NUS application status showing today?

@jk179 it says “YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN PROCESSED” What does this mean??

@nicolej2122 did the status change today? Then you should be getting a decision today by midnight. This is what I have heard.