NUS, NTU Indian Applicants 2021

Hey! I made this thread so that we could share our outcomes ans stats anonymously. It’ll help contain our curiosity! Feel free to ask questions, share insights or whatever!

Hey! Does anyone mind sharing their stats?

It would be really helpful

Applied for EEE.
CBSE 12th- 96.8%
CISCE 10th- 98%
Other EEE applicants— mind sharing your stats?

Applied for CSE
CBSE 12th- 96.2
CBSE 10th- 97.8
It would be great if y’all would share too!

Applied for CompEng
CBSE 12th- 97.8
CBSE 10th-98.2
Applied to both NUS and NTU

Applied for Data Science and Analytics
ISE 12- 98
ICSE 10- 98.6
Applied to both nus and ntu

My application status changed to “has been processed” today. Fingers crossed guys!

Same for me
My stats were:
Class 10: 97.6%
Class 12: 99%
Hopefully we will get a decision by tomorrow

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Those are great stats! Keep us apprised of your status please.

10th 97
12th 96.6

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Heard isc hv started getting results. Pls share once u get it

hv you heard from someone who got in

I read in other group…

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Unfortunately I didn’t get in
Had applied for Computer Science

Which board and ur marks pls?

Nus or ntu

Isc board
97.6% and 99% respectively

I’m sorry to hear that! You’ll do great in future nonetheless :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!
I’ve enrolled to a pretty good university in the US so will be going there only now.
Rooting for your acceptance!