NYU Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

How long does it usually take for your NYU email to activate? I just submitted my deposit, so I’m not sure if it just takes awhile to process.

Never mind, it literally says it on the website :upside_down_face:

I did not have that - contacted the housing email and they said by tomorrow it should update.

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My NYU senior was a Welcome Week leader - it’s the week before school begins. NYU starts school later than most colleges.

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Any thoughts on whether GW (George Washington University) would be considered sufficiently comparable to NYU for the purpose of negotiating merit with NYU? Worth a shot or not?

GW is need aware, whereas NYU is need blind (assuming you are a domestic applicant), so I don’t think the chances of a successful appeal are high. That said, the worst outcome is the same as what you already have, so no harm trying.

I should have said that we do not qualify for financial aid, so this is for negotiating an NYU merit scholarship only based on merit awarded at GW. Thoughts?

My understanding is that there are pretty much set formulas for awarding merit, but I don’t know about GW specifically, you’d probably get better responses asking in the GW forum.

does anyone know if it’s possible to change programs now before entering NYU? for ex. changing from Gallatin to Stern

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Do you guys know how many applicants got off Stern’s waitlist over the last few years?


CAS admission rate for incoming class was 7%. More than 46,000 applications were received for Fall 2021. Stats provided by Dean of CAS.


hey guys i just submitted my deposit, how long did it take for you to get access to the housing forms?

My daughter was waitlisted and she told me that in her portal it said “with distinction”. I have no idea what that means.

Where does it say that?

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