NYU Deferred/Waitlisted 2025

Does NYU want a LOCI? They say not to send additional material and to just write in the waitlist form

i read somewhere from last year’s thread that they said they’ll definitely keep in check who applied ed - i mean simply because we actually make a commitment beforehand?

one would hope so but i did email them this december and i suppose they don’t consider it anymore

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Waitlisted here. I am hoping everything that I can get in.


do you guys think the waitlist will be more fluid this year or nah

What’s your view of stating you want to be considered for SPS? That seems like an easier school to get into, but also what if you get in to that and you are enrolled in a program that really isn’t your thing?

I wish, nobody really knows

um if you don’t like your program, then I think it’s a bad idea. The program is more important than your school.

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Was anyone waitlisted for STERN?

Do you guys know how many applicants got off Stern’s waitlist over the last few years?

I don’t know

Is anyone choosing LONDON option

Nope I’m applying only NYC and my main school is Tandon

For the waitlist form, I relayed my interest as well as providing updates in the additional information section as supposed to the secondary program section because I wouldn’t attend NYU if I don’t get into my program. As of now, I sort of submitted it like a LOCI in the additional information section where I talked about why NYU plus updates…

Do you think I should resend except having my interest for NYU in the secondary program section and simply just adding additional information, or do you think it won’t matter that much to AOs

I don’t understand the question? Can you pls rephrase the second part!

so there’s two sections where you can write to NYU in the waitlist form. 1 is secondary program while other is additional infromation.

From what I’ve seen people relayed their interest to NYU in the secondary program section. I on the other hand didn’t apply to a secondary program and instead relayed my interest in the form of a LOCI along with updates in the additional info section.

What I’m wondering is if NYU will care if I selected no secondary program or should I just resubmit except this time select a secondary program while also rephrasing what I wrote orginally about why nyu into this section.

Hope that makes sense, I don’t really know how to phrase it lol

Well, it depends on if you have a secondary option in school or the program that you want to do. For me, I did not have a secondary program or school. I am only interested in my first choice of school and program. What I did was also writing a LOCI and updating them on some actives and new activities that I did not mention on my original application.

What I know is that the secondary option means that if the primary program or school that you applied into does not have space, then they will consider you for your secondary option. But, for me I will only go to NYU with my primary option which is Stern!

I hope this helps.

when will waitlist decision start coming? could it be in april??

I heard some people saying it would be end of April… don’t think anyone knows for sure tho

What do you guys think about NYU yield rate for RD, this year? and how it will affect waitlist.