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<p>haha okay so, ive been trying to login again since i now know ive been accepted (SitS invitation) and everyone says last year the accounts were activated at the end of march, and on the front page, its still been telling me the whole "Your account has expired" or w/e (I was able to set up an account the first time around).</p>

<p>kay so i went to the part that says "need to ACTIVATE your NetID" and tried logging in from there, and it tells me to change my password. i do, and it takes me to this page with these options: </p>

<li>Change your password</li>
<li>Obtain DIAL account service (if eligible)</li>
<li>Information about your ITS accounts</li>
<li>ResNet: De-Register your ResNet-attached computer
Many preferences may be set via your NYUHome account:</li>
<li>Login to your NYUHome account (if eligible)</li>
<li>NYU Online Student Directory</li>

<p>and i can click on "information" and it tells me my name, my netid, that im "eligible for new accounts," and says it expired on 3/01/2006.</p>

<p>lol its not significant or anything, but i just thought it was weird, and wondered if anyone else had still been trying, or if anyone knew when we would be able to activate our accounts again. im ready to set up my email address and everything! haha</p>

<p>OMG!!! I CAN LOG IN!!! <em>/end spasm</em>
This is new- I tried at around 3:00 and I couldn't...
And I couldn't log in last month...</p>

<p>what all does it let you access?? can you get to your email and stuff??</p>

<p>Please give site where to log in. My D received SinTS also.</p>

<p>"According to our records, you have not yet set a confidential password to use with your NetID. Follow these steps to set a password, and thereby activate your NetID:</p>

<li><p>Read and agree to observe the Responsibilities and Policies statements</p></li>
<li><p>Set a private password</p></li>

<p>After setting your password, you may then proceed directly to set up your NYUHome account and DIAL service (as eligible).</p>


<p>You should be able to complete these steps entirely on line. However, if this on-line process does not complete successfully, you will need to bring your current NYU ID card to any ITS Computer lab, after completing the form below. "</p>

<p>okay, okay...so you do that and THEN are you able to access your stuff?</p>

<p>cuz i cantttt</p>

<p>Where is the site?</p>

<p>AHH! I can do it...well i got to the "according to our records..." screen but i dont want to go any further. Don't want to **** anyone off at nyu now.</p>

<p>I get an internal server error when I try to get a password...and don't think I should have tried...hm...</p>

<p>i dont think theyll care now since its so close and we already know we got in</p>

<p>I dont think I even have a netid, how do you get one?</p>

<p>Mine was sent to me in the final e-mail telling me that they received my application.</p>

<p>where is this site?</p>


<p>To begin, please enter your NetID, your password, and click the Start! button. If you don't know your NetID, you can find it by looking on your NYU ID Card, or by selecting the option above. Note: Your NYU-assigned NetID is not your University ID Number (which is a 9-character ID number starting with capital N). </p>

<p>I only recieved the university id number in my application confirmation email</p>

<p><a href="https://start2.nyu.edu/ibin/getnetid1.cgi%5B/url%5D"&gt;https://start2.nyu.edu/ibin/getnetid1.cgi&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>ohh, omg can we do this? I don't want to mess up my chances of getting in, i'll be patient</p>

<p>yeah i get the error when i try to get a password too.</p>

<p>Well, people logged in last month and they've been admitted...so... I think we can...</p>

<p>but its sort of rude dont you think? we're setting up an account on their servers without having an official confirmation as to whether or not we're accepted. it just feels wrong to me</p>

<p>Yeah.....it won't actually let you create an account... but, still.... I sort of feel like I shouldn't have done that now.
Curse my impulsiveness.</p>

<p>haha yea it says something like according to our records you cannot access the network yet.</p>