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<p>im paranoid, dont listen to me! im sorry i've worried you</p>

<p>I don't think it matters if you set up an account. If you are in, you are in. When I tried to see if I was in at Barnard, I couldn't get past the log on screen. I got my rejection letter today. It made me feel better to see this. But most of all I want to see the paper.</p>

<p>I also did it on American.</p>

<p>According to our records you are not eligible at this time to hold an NYU password. As a result, you may not use the ITS Start Service.</p>

<p>thats what i got when i tried to log in.</p>

<p>anyone apply RD and can access their account?</p>

<p>I really hope this means what I think it means. Anyone not able to access the website?</p>

<p>what means what?^</p>

<p>magnetstudent - we arent using it to try to mean anything. they shut down our ability to log in about a month ago.</p>

<p>so whats the purpose of trying to log in?</p>

<p>for fun? some people already know they got in, like me and bandnerd, so we were just seeing if we were able to access our email and stuff yet</p>

<p>I think if you're also able to access what the OP did, it is likely you were accepted. If you aren't able to:</p>

<p>1) either they're still deciding</p>

<p>2) the system hasn't updated yet</p>

<p>3) you're rejected</p>

<p>Don't worry I can't login - I am assuming i am most likely rejected</p>

<p>scrapnel: were you able to?</p>

<p>Okay. I misread and entered my nine digit University number instead.</p>

<p>I tried to request my NetID and I get:</p>

<p>"Only current members of the NYU community are eligible to use this function."</p>

<p>:/ Hmmmm.... thats not good.</p>

<p>well see, i actually set up my account back in february where there was a short glitch when ED kids were supposed to set up theirs, some rd kids could access theirs too (but it didnt necessarily mean anything, clearly, bc i was able to access mine whereas i remember bandnerd couldnt get into hers, but we have both been accepted). so i already have my netid and such, it just wont let me log in with it on the front page (that will eventually allow enrolled students to access albert, email, etc). the change today was that it asked me to change my password (i think all passwords have to be updated every month) and now it lets me look at a couple other things.</p>

<p>really not sure about it all. i just wish the rest would hurry up and be accessible...</p>

<p>Hmmm.. that gives me a little hope.. </p>

<p>But Bandnerd, were you ever able to get an ID prior to today?</p>



<p>I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can get to the "make a password" page, but when I press Submit, I get an internal error! I think they've made it so thatthe program can't accept any new IDs until a certain time....that would make sense.</p>

<p>BUT I WANT IT!!! Not having it is STILL sticking doubts in my mind.</p>

<p>It gives me an ID and an email, but when I try to log in, it doesn't work. I know that I'm accepted, though...Hmm, I dunno. The email thing is weird. Its my ID/username thingy at nyu.edu</p>

<p>Can other people do that? Can others log in once they've done it?</p>

<p>I wasn't able to log in until today.</p>

<p>did you get the page "only current members of the university may login.." prior to today?</p>

<p>Just trying to get an idea.</p>


<p>I did get newtocc's message everytime before today.</p>

<p>Maybe you crashed it to the internal server page from trying to login too much ;)</p>

<p>At least it changed/did something for you. Lol..</p>

<p>Congrats to all that got in anyway. NYU was my dream school.. If I actually end up getting in I might faint before I have a chance to attend.</p>