NYU Tisch Acting BFA vs. USC Theatre BA

I am currently a student at NYU studying drama in Tisch. USC had been my top school while applying my senior year of high school, so when I didn’t get in I knew I would want to try to transfer. However, as my first year occurred at NYU, I was pleased with the program and with all the friends I made. I also know that Tisch is a remarkable program that produces award-winning actors left and right, but so does USC. Basically, I am just very conflicted on what to do and would like unbiased feedback on the matter. Thank you.

@atnite720 - well, it’s a good dilemma to have! Glad you like where you are and objectively I would never want someone to transfer from a good program without a very strong reason - and what you wanted when you were in high school really is “water under the bridge” at this point in time. Look at the programs with new eyes - what does USC offer you that Tisch doesn’t? Conversely, what will you lose from leaving NYU? If the reasons that made USC your clear #1 choice last year are still valid and you truly believe those program attributes are worth the upheaval of transferring, then go for it. But keep in mind that the grass usually appears greener somewhere else. If you’re happy at Tisch, you like the program, you’ve made friends and the only real reason you want to transfer is to fufill a goal you had last year… I’d say you’re better off staying with and growing with the program at NYU.

I agree with @CaMom13. As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” If you’re genuinely happy at NYU, you’re learning a lot and growing and you like your classes and you’ve made friends, why switch? The important thing is to be in a place where you’re happy, and you are! That’s awesome!

Wait- are you saying you already applied to transfer and have been accepted or you are deciding whether to apply for next year? If you haven’t applied- I’d definitely echo the others and tell you not to. I’m not sure you want to ask teachers for recommendations for a transfer - it can lead to the teachers thinking you aren’t all in. Is there a California semester you can do from NYU?

If you have already been accepted- Where do you want to begin your career? East coast or West? That can influence it too. Good luck!