NYU Tisch Drama vs Pace University BFA Acting fall 2022

I’ve been accepted to NYU Tisch Drama and Pace University’s BFA Acting/ BFA Acting for Film/TV, Commercials and Voice Over.

Does anyone have input and advice about which school to choose?

NYU seems more established, with incredible amounts of Oscar, Emmy and Tony winner actors, successful directors, producers and casting directors.

The training at Pace seems just as wonderful, the BFA Acting for FIlm/TV particularly interests me with classes like ‘Hollywood Sitcoms’, but I’m wondering if it is as acclaimed and respected in the industry as NYU? They also encourage students to audition and shoot while still in school, and I’m not sure if NYU does the same. It may be important to me as I need to support myself financially, but if it comes down to that, I want the best training out there.

Which school would you recommend?

Thanks everyone!!


How much is each school? They are both great programs but they are very different. Tisch is an enormous program where studio placement (which you dont know until after acceptance) can be very important. The Pace program is known and they do have working alumni. Merit aid is virtually unheard of at NYU but Pace rewards a variety of GPAs

NYU was the dream school of my sons and unfortunately he was not accepted. Congratulations on both acceptances and I can’t wait to see what you choose - please update!!

Also - kudos for your NYU acceptance - over 110,000 applications and you were chosen! that is so amazing and I hope you are super proud of yourself!!

My daughter got into both - though at Pace it is a BFA Drama. She is leaning Pace- smaller, more affordable, she can keep working, etc. Also, I am an NYU BFA alumna and it is great for folks who want to make things happen, but with 400 freshman some folks can get lost. I think smaller will be better for her vibe. The plus of the NYU studio system is if you hate the training you are getting you can switch without having to apply to other colleges. Also there is always something going on to get involved with if you put yourself out there.