NYU Tisch supp. app

<p>For those who are applying to NYU Tisch. For question #2 it asks to elaborate on "academic interests." If you're intended major is film or drama, etc., etc. at Tisch, do they consider that an "academic interest?" Or would that question be referring to "academic interests" relating to classes to be taken in CAS?</p>


<p>Usually in arts programs like film or drama you have arts classes combined with a certain number of academic classes. I would assume that the supplement is asking what the student's academic interests are, apart from theatre.</p>

<p>You could probably cover yourself by saying that although the primary interest is theatre, the student is also interested in x, y, and z, and talk about that.</p>

<p>Thanks, NJTheatreMom. That's what I thought.</p>

<p>My son used theatre has his area of academic interest.</p>

<p>For someone planning to major in theater, I'd write about theater as the academic interest area (likewise any other planned major).</p>