NYU Tisch vs Emerson

My D has been accepted to both Emerson (enrollment deposit paid) and NYU Tisch (just got accepted off of the wait list) for this fall. We would be delighted with her attending either school but I’m curious if anyone on this forum can provide guidance on the factors that she should consider when making this decision? I’d also be very interested to hear any opinions of either school from current students or alumni of each program.

Some factors we know about are

  • I know Tisch is a fair bit more expensive
  • I think that it’s fair to say, though not sure, that overall Tisch has the better reputation
  • We don’t know yet which studio she has been placed in at Tisch
  • My D really enjoyed the audition for Tisch and felt she connected with the auditioner
  • She also attended the accepted students day at Emerson and liked what she saw/heard there too
  • There’s the NYC vs Boston location (incidentally, we live closer to NYC)
  • Her long term goals are more in the film/TV arena than stage
  • There’s a ‘cut’ or ‘re-audition’ process at Emerson at end of year 2; I’m not sure yet if Tisch has a similar process?

Just trying to get a sense of which college, might give my D a better training and a better foundation for getting into the industry.

Any insights gratefully received!


I’m not addressing everything you brought up, but will quickly say that Tisch has NO cut program of any type.

Another thing is that at Tisch, there is also an advanced studio your D could do called Stonestreet which focuses on Film/TV acting.

These schools and experiences are quite different. Both are very good. I have a daughter who graduated from Tisch, though applied to Emerson where we visited twice.

Thanks @soozievt! I appreciate your comments.

My D has ended up enrolling at Tisch, for a variety of reasons, and is very excited about it.

We did find out about Stonestreet and that was certainly a factor.

Just glad the process is now over, very stressful :slight_smile:

Congrats to your D on her achievements. I hope she loves NYU/Tisch as much as my D did!