NYU Tisch vs SUNY Purchase vs Juilliard for acting/drama

Hi - Just looking for recent observations/experiences on how the programs and vibes differ between NYU Tisch, SUNY Purchase, and Juilliard for acting/drama. Older threads suggest a harsh environment during acting training at Purchase - but that, on the other hand, actors get five days weekly of studio training at Purchase, while actors get only three at Tisch. I’m also wondering how people who’ve trained in the BFA drama program at Juilliard feel about it - especially with respect to the fact that half of your cohort consists of MFA students. Also, does anyone know how feasible it is to attend NYU Tisch or Juilliard and have a 1-hour-plus commute each way? Any info/advice would be much appreciated - thank you!

Those are great schools you’re applying to! I would worry about getting in to those schools before you worry about the vibe or the commute. Tisch is about a 25% acceptance rate for the school, probably even less for the drama program. Juilliard is usually 6-8%. Purchase is at about 75%, so much more likely to get in, but again, the drama program acceptance rate will be much lower.
A one-hour commute will be hard with Tisch and Juilliard since the students are usually at school from 8-9am unitl 9 or 10pm. Just depends on how much sleep you need. Good luck with your search!

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Agree with above, I believe that the Julliard acceptance rate for drama is less than 1% and Tisch is maybe 10%? I don’t know about Purchase but all BFA programs have acceptance rates less than 20%. I would concentrate now on your auditions for now and be extremely well prepared. If you are lucky enough to have a choice between those programs then you should go to the accepted students days to get a better sense of the vibes. I would not plan on commuting to any BFA program, my S is a student at another conservatory program and he spends many hours working with his classmates outside of the very long days of classes and an hour commute would be very difficult. Hope that you have a long list of schools on your list and that it is as balanced as a BFA acting list can be! Good luck!