NYUAD vs Columbia

<p>Hey guys. Help, any help at all would be appreciated. Since I have literally pulled out all my hair in confusion.</p>

<p>So here's the thing. I got accepted at NYUAD, regular decision and sent them my acceptance. Then, I got off the wait list at Columbia and UPenn. Penn ain't happening because of the financial aid issue but Columbia offered me $60,000 aid per year compared to NYUAD's $70,000. The aid isn't much of an issue here because my parents are willing to fill that gap. </p>

<p>Now I know the fact that Columbia is an Ivy is HUGE. I applied to America only because I wanted to go to the Ivies. But now that I have been accepted at NYUAD, visited the place, talked to the people over there, I kinda love it. Its small, the people are lovely, the professors are top-notch and most importantly, I get tonssss of opportunities to study abroad. As someone who hasn't gotten the opportunity to travel much in her life, I LOVE that. And I really really want to enjoy that. Apart from that the extra-curriculars are brilliant as well. You get to scuba dive, go-kart, dance etc as part of your Physical Education requirements. AD is also a brilliant city with lots of really awesome places to visit. </p>

<p>For Columbia, obviously the first argument that pops up is that its an Ivy. Obviously, that would look pretty neat on a resume. But what I really want to focus on is the experience. How amazing will my next 4 years be? I get one study abroad term. I'm an athlete so the fact that there are established, competitive clubs is a definite plus. Living in NYC is also huge. The core curriculum is amazing. Though NYUAD's core curriculum is pretty great as well. </p>

<p>I want to major in either Business/Econ. I have done a fair bit of research. NYU tops Columbia in terms of business. That's a given. But, as much as people at NYUAD insist otherwise, NYUAD isn't obviously as fantastic at NYU NY. I don't want to be the person who went to an Ivy League just because its an Ivy. So please, any help would be much appreciated! :D</p>

<p>Kindly refer to my post in Pakistan’s Class of 2017’s thread.</p>

<p>duresham, first of all congratulations on getting off the waitlist!! that’s amazing! looks like columbia really wants a strong pakistani presence this year. As for your problem, I myself decided against applying to NYU AD, some of my reservations included the fact that it was a very new program. I did Shanghai because I felt I’d be getting more marketable skills if indeed I chose to go there and plus Abu Dhabi’s a really boring place. Columbia is more than just an Ivy in New York City. When I chose Columbia, I chose it for its atmosphere of intellectualism, yes, but also because that intellectualism wasn’t overwhelming. People don’t just study and talk about studying; they have lives as well. Columbia is by no means below NYU in business programs - grad schools wise, Columbia is ranked higher. NYU Stern is amazing, which is why I was seriously considering it while choosing where to go, but NYUAD is NOT NYU Stern. Columbia has a special concentration in Business Management which you have to pair with another undergraduate major or concentration. So, you can do Economics with a Business Concentration if you wish. I’d choose Columbia, hands down. I know it seems like you’re copping out because it’s and ivy and all, but honestly, you asked to stay on the waitlist, right? Now that you’ve been lucky enough to get in, no shame in choosing Columbia. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. AND you got aid. Columbia gives aid to no one. People go there in spite of the tremendous financial costs it incurs. You have the opportunity to study at one of the best, most selective and most intellectually rigorous colleges in the world and you only have to pay a tenth of the cost.</p>

<p>I think you got rejected to NYUAD, Princeton and cribbing about it now.</p>

<p>haha cleverboy stop being such a ■■■■■.</p>

<p>Haha. I was kidding. Well, I think I am gonna apply to NYUAD this year and have researched a lot. They say that the NYUAD’s curriculum and faculty are decided by NYU itself. Some of the faculty is taken from NYU and the rest is hired according to the NYU standards. Moreover, the degrees provided are normal NYU degrees. So, I want to know whether there is a major difference between the two despite these facts? Well I am asking this because you said " NYUAD is not NYU stern". You might be having some knowledge on this. Thanks.</p>