O.K. 'rents. What's your hobby?

<p>Not just a hobby...the hobby. That thing that you do to the exclusion of other things. The one you go overboard on. </p>

<p>I've got lots of questions but....the reason I'm asking this one is...</p>

<p>At least on one level I'm wondering what percentage of this board has physical hobbies. Maybe even adventurous/extreme hobbies. I'm curious for a number of reasons. I know when I started on this board 35 years ago ;) I was in poor health and quite sedentary. If I moved any less I'm pretty sure I would have been classified as a rock. cc was not only a research tool (thank you, thank you) but also a valuable social outlet. </p>

<p>But heck, I'm doing pretty dang well now health-wise, the kid has graduated college, will soon be headed to pro school............. and I'm still here. And on a couple of other sites, too. Color me very surprised that I'm using the net socially and not just as a convenient research tool. </p>

<p>My sisters (all very active folks) have become sort of obsessed now with facebook. Apparently not in derogation of their personal/social life but along with it. So, since I don't have facebook and cc is the closest thing I have, I thought I'd poke around here. </p>

<p>Do those who use the interweb socially still have physical hobbies? And...I know we have some serious runners, but what else gets y'all out of the house? </p>

<p>As many of you know from prior posts I'm a motorcycle guy. I ride year-round. It was 98 yesterday and 99 the day before and yup. I was out there. When it's 35 degrees I'll still be riding. When I can't ride any more because of infirmities, I'll get a trike. And when it's my time , I'll have my buddies strap me on my bike and head me West. (I'll name that bike "The Ice Floe" ;).) But I guess my quandary this morning is, will I still be on the 'net? ;)</p>

<p>My husband has a number of serious hobbies, the most absorbing of which is photography.</p>

<p>He built his own 8 x 10 camera, develops and enlarges his own prints, etc.</p>

<p>I like to read. And recently I have started up language exchanges with German speakers. We use Skype, so it is a hobby that has been enabled by the Internet!</p>


<p>In addition to high end audio, and both live and recorded music listening, I devote considerable time to working on (as opposed to in) my business and profession--which I truly enjoy. We also like to travel to interesting places.</p>

<p>Don't currently play any sports, but make sure to work out 4-5 times/week. Coincidentally (or perhaps not) my work out equipment is located in my listening room.</p>

<p>lol audiophile. You are one even I could guess.</p>

But I guess my quandary is, will I still be on the 'net?


<p>Well, they do say that nothing can ever be permanently removed from the internet once it's on :D</p>

Well, they do say that nothing can ever be permanently removed from the internet once it's on

Or apparently from a copier. ;)</p>

<p>And yeah. It is certainly comforting to know that my posts are forever out there for future generations to think I'm bug-eating nuts.</p>

<p>The dog and pony show!</p>

<p>I have a new puppy -- since now that the guys are graduating it's time for some me time and I wanted to have a puppy to train and show. </p>

<p>And I still have my horse, although I haven't been riding a lot lately. She's leased to a young woman in town who is responsible for her care.</p>

<p>It ties into my business -- a retail pet shop, which does not sell puppies -- or ponies for that matter.</p>

<p>Old movies - collect them, watch them, read and write about them, on the net and elsewhere. Nothing physical about it, darn it. I watch old movies when I'm on the elliptical every morning (watched "Easy Living" this AM).</p>

<p>I guess I could have taken "physical" out of the question. I'm really more curious about the commitment level and all of these appear to qualify as "substantial". I really don't know what it is that I'm asking...I'm just a little "thought-y" this morning. ;) Maybe I was wondering if the 'net was hampering other hobbies, or had become the big hobby. I dunno. Still pondering.</p>

<p>The confluence of my oldest leaving for college and my bff neighbor moving away gave me the impetus to do something that I’ve wanted to do all my adult life but didn’t think I ever could or would. I auditioned for and joined a women’s chorus. I don’t read music and have never sung in a chorus or choir before. Now I’ve sung in six concerts and in the last one found myself singing and dancing (wait–what?) in front of hundreds of people. Love it, love the mental challenge, love the harmony, love the community of singers. I wake up on rehearsal days and think, “Oh boy, chorus tonight!”</p>

<p>The internet doesn’t enter into it except as a medium for communicating with other chorus members.</p>

<p>Wellspring, that fits two categories. For me that would be adventurous and for the audience it would be extreme. Good for you.</p>

<p>I spend hours and hours on genealogy - my own and others'. It's been a hobby for over 30 years. Although most of the time is spent on the computer, there are other aspects to it. I love cemeteries - documenting and photographing them. In the past year, I've documented cemeteries locally, as well as in TN, VA, MD, OH, PA, NY. When we lived overseas, I also did cemeteries in Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden. I also have spent more than a little time in archives.</p>

<p>Reading...I love to read...</p>

<p>I love non-fiction - because it's a "two for one"....I get to enjoy reading and learn something at the same time!!!!</p>

<p>But, I also enjoy silly fiction, like the Shopaholic series.</p>


<p>What I find addicting is that, unlike running, you can improve your times as you age because of improved technique. I watch videos, have attended clinics, etc., because I am always looking for a way to become more efficient. I compete a couple of times a year and have met the most gracious, generous, albeit quirky, people. </p>

<p>Binx, I have recently started doing some research on ancestry.com and find it VERY addicting. I would love to start going to some cemeteries - now how odd does that sound?</p>

<p>^^ binx that is so cool! </p>

<p>I recently hunted down a relative through facebook. It was the first time that I have ever done this, and we never met before. We have been exchanging long emails, and we don't know exactly how we are related, but we know that we are definitely related (common link is an uncommon last name and he was born in the same small town where my grandfather was born). He has visited that small town (in another country) and told me that he has made visits to the cemetery in that town, where many of our ancestors are buried. We do plan to eventually meet. It gets even more complicated than this, but I'll stop here to keep it simple. This is not a hobby, but learning more about my heritage is quite interesting.</p>

<p>Hi 'mudge!!</p>

<p>Not sure if I have an all consuming hobby, but things I very much enjoy are (a) snowskiing (though age is beginning to affect my ability), (b) finding deals on the web (I love a bargain!) (c) wine appreciation (used to be in a wine tasting group, but its been inactive) and of course spending too much time on cc!</p>

<p>Surfing the web randomly probably consumes more time than it should for me. Not loads, but when I don't have much free time to begin with, I know that it can be hard for me to walk by the computer and not sit down for 5-10 minutes to "check in" to a few sites I frequent.</p>

<p>Other than that, no heavy hobbies because don't seem to have many free hours. Currently, free hours though would be spent gardening or on daily walks. </p>

<p>I'm still at a point where family members (in my own home and some extended family) take up a good bit of my time.</p>

<p>Gardening used to be my biggest hobby, but I can't really claim to be much of a gardener now - no question the Internet has eaten into gardening time. I do have lots of perennials, grow herbs and usually do tomatoes in the summer.</p>

<p>I also have am a fairly serious watercolor painter. I'd say more serious than a hobby, but I don't earn enough to live on. Most years I break even as an artist, but often only if I teach art classes. </p>

<p>I'd love to say wine tasting was a real hobby, but neither my figure nor my pocketbook will it allow it!</p>

<p>Husband and I religiously do the New York Times crossword every weekend. Does that count?</p>

<p>Exercise. I plot my rotations months in advance, have waaaaay too many workout clothes and ask for things like dumbbells or weightlifting gloves for Christmas. I enjoy it and it doesn't harm anyone, though.</p>

<p>What gets me out of the house: really three activities tied, hard to pick one: Biking, kayaking, and just plain old walking. All three tremendously important to me.</p>

<p>Less physical but vitally important: writing! Also reading, but those do go together.</p>

<p>Never have time enough for these and other interests. That's why I say working for a living gets in the way.</p>

<p>By the way, hi Curm!</p>