O.K. 'rents. What's your hobby?

<p>I swim three times a week, following the master's workouts that are posted on the board at my pool-- about 2800 yds each time. I make quilts very very slowly. The last one took about seven years. And I play with arts and crafts of all kinds.</p>

<p>reading: anything and everything; online, in print, fiction, non-fiction etc.....</p>

<p>getting outside to walk: as fast as is possible without running, about 1.5 hrs a day.....as long as I'm not injured (which I am right now....yuch)</p>

<p>Ummm, CC? CC is a great hobbby when you've just spent 10 years pursuing college options for your kids, as, hopefully, you have good information to pass on, though I do think I always see some one on CC who can say the same thing as me, only quicker & stated better ;) So, I can follow amusing threads and also offer substantive info when a need arises and justify my time as helping others.</p>

<p>I, too, read avidly, always have. When my kids were little, I think they and their activities were my hobbies- school board, PTA, assorted committees, sports team & sports league involvements, volunteer work, fund-raising, and also community group volunteer work. Not so much any more.</p>

<p>We do have a 100# dog who requires daily exercise, our day is planned around dog walks.</p>

<p>I am working on revamping my shade garden (not right this minute, though). I also walk with a neighbor most mornings and talk about blogging. lol</p>

<p>I'm about to send my second (and last) off to college, so recently, my hobby has been lurking on these boards.</p>

<p>I play tennis 3-4 times a week, read a novel or two every week and am a doctoral student. I think when both kids are gone, i will basically go berserk.</p>

<p>My main hobby is reading -- I am an addictive reader and whenever I am eating alone, HAVE to have something to read with me.</p>

<p>I walk daily with a neighbor but would not walk alone. It is the talking that motivates me for the much-needed exercise. My family also enjoys cross-country skiing, but we have not done it in several years. Perhaps this year H and I can take a cross-country ski vacation.</p>

<p>I do love gardening (organic) and have four raised beds for herbs and vegetables as well as several perennial gardens. At least one garden is always in need of intensive weeding/maintenance -- never manage to get them all in good shape at once. I developed a daffodil hill that I add cultivars to every year. I love to visit gardens when we travel.</p>

<p>I enjoy photography and hope to spend more time on that in the future.</p>

<p>I paint. I enjoy painting with other like minded artists, so I attend two three hour life painting/drawing sessions a week. I also organize a weekly plein aire workshop in the local canyon. I'm not very good at marketing my work, so I have to drag myself to the occasional art fair to unload all my canvases.(I think I have fifty or more in the garage right now) This usually generates more than enough money to support my habit, with a little extra for vacations.</p>

<p>Hi, curmie, (I'm wondering what med school your D decided on. . .)
I'm into gardening--I'm obsessed with roses, mostly. Not a professional by any means. A few vegetables, berries, etc. </p>

<p>CC is a hobby, too. It's been a social/intellectual outlet for me. I've wasted a lot of time here over the years. (Because of that, I give up CC for Lent every year. . .just to prove I can!) Another kid is always getting into the college scene--2006, 2009, 2012, etc.. . .the last one will be in the HS class of 2023, so that's my excuse.<br>
I'm not much of an athlete these days (I ran track, played basketball and soccer in my youth)--my joints are bad, so a little walking is all I manage. Kids, housework (more procrastination than actual housework) take up most of my time. My kids say my "hobby" is SAT prep. . .</p>

<p>I don't consider exercise a hobby, it's something between an obsession and a job. :-) I lost a lot of weight and got into rather rigorous exercise routine in the process. Now I go to the gym 5-7 days a week, taking all sorts of fitness classes. I even schedule my work around it( luckily I am a freelance musician, which makes it possible).</p>

<p>The second thing is acting. I've been playing piano for our local theatre for some years. 2 years ago I tried out for the first time and to my surprise got a rather big role. After that I was hooked. I've had tiny roles, big roles, funny roles, tragic ones, I love them all. I am playing an.....exotic dancer Miss Mazeppa in this summer's production of Gypsy. I am learning to play the trumpet for this one! Theater is very time-consuming, but I love it, and H doesn't mind. Of course he has been spending lots of time in his little recording studio recently, working on his new album. :-)</p>

<p>jyber209, I listen to podcasts when walking alone - started listening to Terry Gross, then expanded to This American Life, also take in The Moth, short stories from the New Yorker and RadioLab.</p>

<p>i'm picking up the game of golf again. i used to love it, but due to some injuries and such, i wasn't able to play much.</p>

<p>i've adjusted to a lighter club with a lower kick to make up for my lack of strength (due to injury) and i'm finding that i really enjoy the game again.</p>

<p>i read almost all the time. usually just something from the best seller list--no romances or light mysteries--whatever is at barnes & noble on the new releases section.</p>

<p>i try to knit but i can't seem to pick that up with much enthusiasm.</p>

<p>i work out three days a week--spinning, water aerobics and pilates are my favorites.</p>

<p>I run competitively (except for right now because I'm injured and I go to stupid PT and cross train on the bike and in the pool). It takes a lot of time and also provides an awesome social life (off and online). I have a shoe company sponsorship (won't be quitting my day job) so I try to stay at a respectable level.
I love facebook and reconnecting with old friends. I love CC and my running forums, too. I get the shakes if I am too far away from a computer or my iPhone.
My other main interests is my pets- 3 gorgeous cats and a giant Golden Retriever.
In my spare time I read and watch TV. I like TV. My husband and I really enjoy "our shows".</p>

<p>I was raised as a military brat (born on Laredo AFB, moved to Waco..and then on to 14 more locations) and the years on massive air force bases with my classmates and pals moving every 2 years or so impacted me so deeply that life in a backwater town in beautiful Virginia (been here a good while) makes me batty. (I felt much more comfortable and normal in the years we lived in cities full of transients.) Even so, the internet has provided me with connection to more and more of the people I said good bye to eons ago that I felt I would never find again. This has been incredibly rewarding and healing for me. When I went to college, I felt there was almost no shot that I would be able to locate my childhood friends again as everyone left where we had been last on Dover AFB in DE. We are now having reunions at the beach up there to my utter amazement! All because of the digital age.<br>
I have resisted FACEBOOK because my sons; view it as "their domain" and network and want to let my last child move on a bit more without being tempted to stalk him daily or hourly. ha. I valued my emancipation from parents and try to give my sons the same gift. But I will get on FACEBOOK I think in a year or two so I can further find my aging military brat friends and chat them up in peace. so I am listed on militarybrats.com...for now.
Re CC...perhaps will become hooked again when son's do their graduate school searches. I found such great help and perspective here since our high school had more kids dropping out than graduating and I knew squat about the options.
For me, the run on obsessively looking at colleges around the country was almost a substitute for keeping up with my old friends whose whereabouts were still unknown to me when I got on CC in 2004. </p>

<p>I used to read a great deal and I collect first editions of 20th century fiction..how about that for extreme sports--I have some great signatures and so on that I like having around me.<br>
The internet is a "preferred reading destination" for me now and I read so much less in the old way and no longer turn to books as much. I am social and like interacting so much more and reading comments from real live people. But one of my hobbies is still a reading group...we have read a novel a month for 20 years now! When my children were small, I lived for those evenings and the chance for a real conversation on something abstract.....now I admit they do not signify in the same way since I am freed up again. I was also in a Shakespeare group for a good while...another Extreme Sport? Unreal experience. Would make a good short story if I was a good writer. </p>

<p>Lastly, with the recession and the reality that we will be living (forever?) in our humble 1956 home with no pretentions and not much style... college costs became real time. I have become Mad for Modern. I just figured out that if I buy vintage sizes and shapes from the era of my house, everything suddenly "looks right" in it. I have been collecting mid century furnishings and also abstract art is a new passion...and I am very good at bargains. So instead of fighting my house, I am finding a new way to give it a second chance. I see that in a new comedy film...the lead character is selling mid century for a living...so as usual I ride the wave about two years after the rest of America. I recall picking out Jessica for my daughter (who turned to to be a Boy). And discovering that it was the most used girls name of 1986.
so it is obviously not very original but I have become very informed on all things mid century lately.<br>
Second son helped me set up a Nano for my new daily long walk and I am enjoying the amazing free things one can listen to now.<br>
Next destination ...kitchen websites..need to tear out a galley kitchen from H@**.<br>
After that, return to employment for perhaps a decade (Job search won't be as fun as college search) and getting to know my sons as young adults out in the wide world. CC definitely helped me help them! They are out there now and will likely never return to our town.</p>

<p>Over the past couple years- I took out all my grass front/back side yards and planting strip ( we live in the city) & most of the non-native plantings ( english laurel/holly /privet hedges & I have been whacking the camellia)- by myself without renting power tools or hiring help- we are cheap.</p>

<p>I am slowing replanting the above in native plantings to increase wildlife habitat.
( but I am not above failing to resist a contorted flowering quince that I need to find a place for- or other non native- but not invasive plants)
Very interested in urban agriculture and planted veggies and a blueberry hedge as well as native plants for food.</p>

<p>It isn't as fast as I would like, and I am limited by money and my body ( I have arthritis/asthma)- but still fairly physical.</p>

<p>I also am involved with local school district as a volunteer and community advocate ( we need it- a poll of a local high school teachers just announced that teachers are as least as dissatisfied with the superintendent as parents are)- I've been asked to run for school board several times and at some point I may- * when my garden is done* ;)</p>

<p>And my favorite hobby- but the one I actually get to do the least- follow Pearl Jam on tour- I also help their fundraising arm of their fan club for local and national charities and have gotten to know some amazing people through that.</p>

<p>Reading. I become very unhappy, and out of sorts, if I'm not in the middle of a book. I'm embarrassed to admit that I sometimes am so absorbed in what I'm reading that I read walking down the street in Manhattan, a habit I picked up when I was about 7 and would start reading whatever I'd taken out from the library, on the way home. (I've never bumped into anyone yet!)</p>

<p>As long as I have a book to read, I'm never, ever bored. Of course, this is why I own several thousand books, which I still haven't entirely unpacked six weeks after my move! </p>

<p>I've collected all sorts of different things in my life, none of them very actively at the moment. Everything from British coins and historical/commemorative medals, to 19th-century Japanese prints, to 16th and 17th century maps, particularly miniature maps. (I wish I had the money to spare, but some of them can be quite expensive to add to, like my relatively small collection of ancient Egyptian/Greek/Roman/Near Eastern antiquities. I'm no Shelby White!)</p>

<p>My real hobby, though, is genealogical research into my family history; I've done research for others as well, just for fun. I used to spend hours and hours poring through microfilm reels at various archives, back in the pre-Internet days, and corresponding with professional genealogists in Germany and Poland who were doing research for me in archives located there. As I've mentioned, I had several articles published in Jewish genealogical journals, once upon a time.</p>

<p>Again, though, I haven't had the time to do much more research in the last several years, partly because there just isn't anything further available in archives in this country, let alone on the Internet, concerning my family history. I'm not that fascinated by trying to trace fifth cousins and even more remote collateral relatives -- my limit has been researching descendants of the siblings of my great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents (in my generation, my third and fourth cousins). It was fun being in touch with all sorts of distant cousins all over the country, and in other countries, but I'm no longer in communication with any of them, for fairly obvious reasons. (Explaining who I am now, and suggesting that they all revise the family trees I sent them accordingly, is something I don't think I could ever bring myself to do.)</p>

<p>But I still find it very rewarding to find new information once in a while, like I did a few years ago when I got copies of some pages of a late 18th-century list of Jews by town, from old Prussian archives, and learned that one of my great-great-great grandfathers was a supplier to the Prussian army during the Napoleonic wars (not an unusual occupation for someone Jewish), specifically at the siege of Danzig, during which he was apparently married. He was the owner of the one family "heirloom" that my grandparents were able to bring over when they left Germany in 1941, a silver snuffbox with the family surname on it, manufactured in Prague circa 1825/1835. (Part of the identifying hallmark is rubbed out, so I can't pinpoint the year. There's a photo of it here: Silver</a> Forum at 925-1000.com .) I've always wondered why it wasn't confiscated at the border, since that happened to almost anything remotely valuable that Jewish families tried to take with them when they were allowed to leave.</p>

<p>[A lot of these hobbies/pastimes, I think, fall into the category of trying, in a very small way, to do the kind of thing that I would have been infinitely happier doing as a career than being a lawyer, if I had gone to graduate school and were teaching somewhere, or, better yet -- given that teaching is something I've never thought I'd be any good at -- working in an archive or museum. Although, knowing me, I probably would have figured out a way to screw up that kind of career as much as I've done with being a lawyer. I could blame all my health problems, but other people seem to manage to overcome them.) </p>

<p>Finally, although I wouldn't exactly call it a hobby -- more something I do out a sense of duty or obligation -- I spend quite a bit of time moderating a forum for trans people and their partners.</p>

<p>Reading and cross country skiing! I also recently tried to find an adult lacrosse class or beginner league (mostly seemed like a good activity to stay in shape for skiing), but no luck in my neck of the woods. :(</p>

<p>OT: </p>

<p>Hi to all of y'all, too. ;)</p>

Hi, curmie, (I'm wondering what med school your D decided on. . .)

atomom, my D is headed to Yale. (Hey, what's 4 years late in the big scheme of things? ;)) While I may have preferred to reverse her order of attendance if I were her, she thinks she played this just about right. She literally couldn't be more pleased as YMS was her clear #1 after her interview season.</p>

<p>Cooking and gardening, which are related. I do much of my "landscape" propagation and planting but a significant proportion of my time is spent on growing things that taste better when you grow them yourself. Right now that means sugar snap peas. I'm also knee deep in sweet peas, which are the only cut flowers I grow. My favorite forum USED to be the tomato growers form on gardeners. Those folks are worse than CC, when it comes to opinions!</p>

<p>Good job!, to those of you into fitness-I am on and off with that, hoping to be on again soon. Same goes for reading and writing.</p>

<p>Hobbies: Judaic fabric art, photography, reading (mainly history), camping, traveling, CC and other forums.</p>

<p>If I can get some help for the heavy work, I want to go back to gardening. It is a frustrating process since my house faces north and we get no western sun in the summer. Everything gets lanky and doesn't bloom.</p>

<p>Curm, congrats to Mudgette!!!</p>

<p>It is a frustrating process since my house faces north and we get no western sun in the summer. Everything gets lanky and doesn't bloom.</p>

<p>I will join you on the frustrated bench. The house which has an easement to use our driveway on the west and which has been a rental for as long as we have lived here ( 27 years)- is now being remodeled by one of the owners who after his divorce has decided to live there.</p>

<p>He is adding a whole floor that is cutting off sun to much of my garden- not to mention his inattention to the two huge oaks that are in the south planting strip have blocked sun to the southwest part of my yard.</p>

<p>I am having to rearrange plantings- as they keep going up and up with the remodeling- it started out just as updating the wiring.

<p>Out of spite my new hobby is finding a prominent place for the skunk cabbage.</p>