Oberin College or RISD?!? Any advice please!

it’s almost May 1 and I need to make my decision on where to go to college for class of 2023… I’m interested in creative writing and visual arts, especially photography and love to sing so in want to stay in a chorus when in college.

Oberlin seems perfect except for location - the people are quirky and shy like me and enjoy the arts. There creative writing program is very well known however, I don’t know much about their visual arts program and don’t know if it will challenge me enough.

RISD is a wonder!! And I don’t just want to throw the opportunity away - however I’m not sure if I will be able to fully engage in creative writing/music if i go as the first year seems super intense. I am honestly super worried about the first year as I am not good at drawing… my portfolio had no studio art work at all…

Please help me!! Anything :slight_smile:

If you were admitted to RISD your portfolio must have something in it! And they must have seen potential in your work. Hard choice, and ultimately depends on whether art is something you want to throw yourself into 100% at least for a year, or if you’re looking for more of a liberal arts multi-faceted education. Of course at RISD you get to cross-register at Brown starting second year, so the single focus need only last a year.

If you really do want to focus on music as well as the liberal arts, however, then Oberlin may be your best choice. And it sounds like you will feel really comfortable and happy in that community, which matters a lot. You didn’t say the same about RISD.

@pghmbh2019 What about Oberlin’s location don’t you like? Too far from home? Or small town living with long Ohio winters? Or something else. You will not lack for things to do on campus, especially if you like music and writing. Oberlin is improving its integration with Cleveland and the Cleveland Art Museum is one of the nation’s best (and it’s free). I don’t know much about Oberlin’s photography program - have you tried reaching out to any of the professors?

Both are great schools. Good luck with your choice.

@mamaedefamilia yes mostly that it feels a little isolating and feels a little too far… thank you for your help though!

@pghmbh2019 what did you decide? Oberlin has a great creative writing department and my daughter has loved her professors so far. It’s competitive and one of the only majors where you can’t just declare but instead need to be accepted into it. Good luck either way!