Oberlin Class of 2024 Early Decision Applicants

ED results should be out sometime in the next week!

Good luck @havingfunismy - Oberlin is a great place! My oldest is a junior there and her younger sibling is planning to apply next year. When my daughter applied a few years ago they put ED decisions out on a random Wednesday afternoon at like 5pm - and I don’t think they told us in advance so it was a fun surprise!

Thanks! The official ED release date is this Sunday, December 15. Maybe they will surprise us with an early release this year too!

Oberlin Admissions posted on Twitter: Decisions this Saturday

My son just got the email that it will be at 12:00PM on Saturday. Good luck to all!!!

Did anyone get in .
Please share your stats

Was this a hard year for ED applicants?

Has anyone heard about the date for EDII notification? I know the official date is Feb 1. I assume my son will receive a email notification a few days prior to check the portal…but he’s holding all this stuff pretty close hold and I would like to know the exact date if it’s going to be before 2/1! :slight_smile:

Last December, they pre-announced it on Twitter @obieadmissions

We haven’t heard anything yet for EDII…

Per Oberlin Admissions twitter feed – ED II decisions will be released this Saturday afternoon

I got into Oberlin ED II!! I am so excited! We should create a group chat for Oberlin accepted students.

Congrats to everyone who was accepted!!