Oberlin versus brandeis

Hello! My son was accepted to Oberlin with a very generous financial package but is also waiting to hear from Brandeis where he’s on the waitlist. Does anyone have any insight into the creative writing depts at both places? I know they’re both supposed to be good and that is his intended major. . .He’s staying on the waitlist even though it’s hard to get info about Brandeis—they really don’t have much (any!) participatory online events. . .

Why hold out for Brandeis - Oberlin writing is fantastic (stronger) and they are showing through $$ they want you.

I always laugh Iowa is on here - but they are on every ranking I’ve seen…must be strong!!!


Yeah, Iowa has a great MFA creative writing program. Not sure how that translates to the undergrad. . .I think my son is unsure if the Obie vibe is for him. He describes it as a bit on the ‘militantly political’ side for his taste. And he actually lived there for a year b/c I taught there, so he may just be feeling like it’s a ‘step backwards’. Too bad we didn’t get to visit Brandeis. . .

generous = you don’t have to stress as bad about retirement and all. I tend to think if these kids have an open mind, they’ll find their spot.

any other options?