Occidental Class of 2024

My D20 just submitted her application to Oxy RD. She really is hoping that they accept her but knows she may not get in. Anyone else submitted or planning on submitting applications for next year? Good luck to all who applied ED! I would love to hear whether or not you get admitted and if so, what your stats were.

I applied RD, impatiently waiting for results to come out. Do you have any idea when they usually notify? I haven’t been able to find anything.

Looking at previous years, it looks like it will be anytime between 3/18-3/25. Obviously, hoping it is closer to 3/18!!!

Based on previous years they have released decisions at 5pm pst on the third wednesday of march. This year that’s the 18th so I would assume that’s when they will be releasing decisions. Good luck to everyone!!

Can’t wait to hear. Good luck everyone

DD recieved an email today that stated the wait is almost over and decisions will come out on the 18th at 5 PM. Good luck everyone!

Glad to see an Occidental thread. Such a great place. Good luck everyone.

The one time my D20 wished she lived closer to a college - LOL! The time difference means she’ll have to wait until 8 pm on Wednesday.

Son rejected
SAT 1460
GPA UW 3.75
Strong recommendations
Great ECs
Strong essays

Accepted at schools with lower admit rates, but we were high need and could not visit or interview as it’s 3000 miles away. However, it was one of his top choices. :(.

Congratulations to all accepted.

DD accepted as Honor scholar. She is so happy and excited! Good luck everyone!

DD accepted as a President’s scholar. Very proud of her!

SAT 1410
GPA 4.0UW/4.58 W
Strong Recs
Some leadership in her ECs
Good essays I think, especially for a non-writer / STEM kid

We also live on the other coast and had not gotten to visit or interview. I told her if she got into any of her west coast choices, we’d visit over spring break. Now with COVID-19, she’ll have to choose by other means. I know Oxy is in the top 3.

Son accepted, but without any merit aid and the stock market decimated, I doubt we can make it happen. Congratulations to all–great school!

Accepted, President’s Scholar (80,000). URM, 1530 SAT, 4.0UW 4.87 W, not the strongest extracurriculars but I’ve shown dedication to art and orchestra. Strong letters of recommendation, half-a$$ed essays (with natural writing skills). Visited, never interviewed. Was my “safety” but we’ll see how the financial aid looks everywhere else.

Accepted! Trustee Scholar ($60,000)

1490 SATs
740 Literature SAT II
Canadian high school
3 AP classes (my school only offers them for Gr. 12s)
Great recs, strong essays
Lots of volunteer work within school and community
Sports, theater, high grades, good EC’s

son accepted

1390 SATs
4.0 Valedictorian, 4.6 weighted.
Eagle Scout (tons of leadership and commitment)
Very strong recommendations from two of his AP teachers, as well as his scoutmaster.

No merit money, I’m guessing it was the SAT, but only 20 points difference from a someone posting above. So even with this being his top choice school, we are having a dilemma over funding.