Occidental College Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Occidental College offers Early Decision but does not offer Early Action for freshman admissions.

This year, the Early Decision (ED) deadline for Occidental College is November 15.

All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 15. Last year, Occidental College admitted 180 of the 368 applicants who applied early decision. The acceptance rate was 48.91%.

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Are you planning to apply early to Occidental College? Why Occidental College? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.

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My son got in early decision! Here are some of his stats: 3.8 GPA (uw) and 1360 SAT. We are so thrilled!


So excited for your son @Mfaruqee!!

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My daughter did as well!!! Thrilled here also.


Daughter was admitted as well! Excited to have her attend in the fall.


Daughter applied RD and really likes Oxy. Would love to hear stats, majors from those accepted!


My son is considering whether to go ED2 or RD for Oxy. Curious why some of you decided on ED? He has a 4.2 weighted and 1490 SAT and mid to strong ECs. I would hate for him to not get in RD but am a bit reticent for him to limit his options. The other school he really likes is Willamette University.

I just PM’ed you. Feel free to let me know if I can help.

What does your son want to study? My daughter wants to study political science/public policy and loved Oxy’s commitment to civic engagement and service. Campaign Semester is amazing. She also wanted urban and loves LA, thought the campus was beautiful and loved how much students seem to form such close connections with professors and each other. She had a great alumni interview- did your son tour and interview?

@cosmopolitan2022, is your son enjoying Oxy?

Well he hasn’t had the chance to yet. He has been admitted ED, and will be attending this Fall. He’s looking forward to it though :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, misunderstood! Congrats to him!

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Hi @Southoftheriver . He is interested in Anthropology and Linguistics. Oxy doesn’t have Anthropology per se but some related major possibilities. We did go on a tour, but not an interview (honestly I did not realize interviews were possible there). He did speak with a representative from Oxy who visited his high school and really enjoyed that discussion. Am curious whether your daughter considered ED instead of RD for Oxy?