Occidental ED | Class of 2023

Thought I’d go ahead and make this thread! Based on past years decisions should come out on the 15th of December so fingers crossed that stays the same. Sooo I guess this can be a place to discuss stats, thoughts, and acceptance/rejection. Best of luck to all of us :slight_smile:

Not sure how popular this thread will be but I’m pumped to see another person who applied ED

Best of luck!! I’m super nervous for decisions to come out lol

Same! Where are you from?

Kentucky! Really small rural town in southern Kentucky, you?

Hello! Fellow ED applicant :slight_smile:

I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area! @Willpow7

Hi @d12ani ! Where are you from? and what majors are you guys interested in?

Boston!! & critical theory/social justice + political science! Wbu

OMG exactly that. I’m really looking into the postcolonial theory concentration :slight_smile: But honestly, I’m excited to study anything in the poli sci umbrella.

Okay so, I’m thinking the 15th or the 14th. I’m so ready to know. But honestly at this point I just want to know WHEN ugh

Also, I’m looking to study Media Arts and Culture

@alwayslivfab Yeah! I know it came out on the 15th last year but I’m not sure if they would release it on the weekend. I want to call the office of admissions but I don’t want to come off as a nuisance.

They come out the 15th! I emailed them!

I heard yesterday that the notifications will come out on Friday the 14th. Good luck everyone.

@teeneetiny where did you see that?

ED from Southern California. Quite Nervous.

@BlogDragon21 What are you thinking of majoring in?

Poly Sci / Pre-Law Advising @bageltown

I’m still confused about when decisions come out! Is it tomorrow or Saturday?