Occidental Transfer Fall 2019 Thread

hey everyone! I didn’t see a thread for this yet and I thought I’d make one. Has anyone heard back yet for the fall?

Hey! I applied but I really do not expect much because of my low GPA, but I am still excited haha. Hopefully we will know soon?

Does anyone know when to expect an admissions decision?

All I know is they release decisions any time from early May to early June, but that’s not super helpful lmao.

I just heard back at 5:00 p.m pacific.

I got in! I am so happy.

Good luck everyone!

Congrats!! Did you receive an email saying your portal was updated or did you just check the portal?

These days I’ve been checking the portal every two hours haha. I did receive an email telling me my portal was updated, but I only saw it after checking the portal myself.

Congratulations! I actually made an account just for this thread. If you don’t mind me asking, what are your stats and where do you currently go to school?

Thank you! I also made an account for this thread before receiving the decision.

CC in WA state. CS major, ACT/SAT waived, 4.0 GPA (won valedictorian / medal) , good ECs (VP of student body, few CS projects/internships, etc.), and I think I had strong essays.

hey guys! was anyone else waitlisted? I got the news today. Transferring from Chapman U, 3.925 GPA, mediocre ACT score (testing is not my strong suit), history/poli sci Major, strong essays and ECs (pre-law frat active, lots of community service hours, cheer captain, staff writer on school paper, etc.) URM, low income, etc.

Also congrats @ nSWA! Are you going to attend Oxy?

@ srp2018 sorry for the late response, but yes I will be attending Oxy! I’m assuming you heard back? Good news hopefully?