of relationships that break up - what % of people never talk to their former SO's aga

<p>of relationships that break up - what % of people never talk to their former SO's again?</p>

<p>SO = significant other.</p>


<p>and what percent of people become close friends with their SOs again? </p>


<p>what if a relationship ends up badly, but both improve themselves so much that they could become compatible again?</p>


<p>and what if a relationship ends because the girl's parents tell her to never talk to the boy again?</p>


<p>what are your experiences with your SO?</p>

<p>according to a study conducted by University of Texas, 100%.
according to a study conducted by Duke, 10%.</p>

<p>I'm great friends with all of them except for one, who fell suspect to a rumor I cheated on him. I'd like to be able to talk to him again except for the fact that if he trusted me that little, perhaps we weren't meant to even be on friendly terms.</p>

<p>EDIT: "All of them" is a pretty terrible term, lol. As in 5.</p>

<p>I'd say about all of 'em, except one who went to another school. Some better than others, I personally don't really care but some guys do bring it up (I think more than girls will, like 'oh, I totally dated her...hehe' and it's like they're just using me as proof that girls like them, which explains a bad choose I made). The ones that are chill are still good friends and I'm actually really good friends with one (basically best). I still don't think people should get back in a relationship after they've broken up, mostly because there is a reason they broke up and it's usually a good one. And my parents don't really let me date, so that's that.</p>