Off-grounds apartments

<p>Which are cheaper, on-grounds or off-grounds housing?
I know that for off-grounds apartments, the leases are for 12 months rather than 9 months, don't come furnished, and don't include utilities such as internet and water in the bill.
What is the best value for off-grounds apartments? Are there any ones cheaper than on-grounds apartments?</p>

<p>Cheapest way is to get a big house on JPA with 9-10 other people, sharing a room. Even not going to that extreme, it is $100-$200 cheaper/mo to live off grounds if you are not looking for a single, high luxury, etc (which easily offsets furniture costs, just use craigslist, and the more people the less your share of utilities for common areas). It is very easy to pay more to live off grounds as your demands increase. If you want a single, on grounds dorms is the cheapest way. What is this on grounds apartments everyone keeps referencing? On grounds housing is almost exclusively dorms, minus some affiliated apartments.</p>

What is this on grounds apartments everyone keeps referencing?


<p>I believe they are referring to the apartment style dorms such as Lambeth, Bice, Copeley, and Faulkner. These all include shared rooms, baths, living/dining area, and kitchens.</p>

<p>Just as a point of reference, my son and four friends share a 5 BR/5 bath house on JPA and pay an average of $450 per month/per person including rent, utilities (water/gas/electric), premium cable TV, internet, and trash.</p>

<p>Yup, on grounds housing is about $600/mo so like I said about $100-$200 less if you are not getting extra features like a single or luxury upgrades. For single apartments reference, I was renting one of the cheaper singles last year (~700 sq ft) for $800/mo. Looking on BRAC .com for comparison, you can get a 400 sq ft single for $600/mo, $900 to live in Greene County (not sure how they are getting away with that, Hollymead where I was living is closer and $100 cheaper), $1000 to live at Eagle's Landing or near Monticello, or $1300 to live in <600 sq ft at GrandMarc. My current single near Richmond (Alum life), 750 sq ft, is $795. Utilities not included (utilities are expensive for a single of course). HTH</p>

<p>Just a clarification: I believe if you pack 9 or 10 people into one house (that was not previously approved as apartments or a rooming house) that may be a violation of City regulations.</p>

<p>Oh yeah I didn't mean that, I meant the big houses that typically/legally house 9-10 (though people do share rooms in those houses still)...</p>

<p>I lived in the Grand Marc for 2 Years and love it! It cost about $750/mos, it has a great location, awesome apartment situation, nice!</p>

<p>powderpuff...The rates have gone up since you were there! Try $830 for a 2/2 (current residents' renewal fee.) I know the 4/4 are a tad cheaper and the 2/2 for 4 occupants run somewhere around $575. The thing I like about GM is the fact that each resident has a separate contract. Other complexes require residents to sign individual leases; however, if one of the occupants decides to move out unexpectedly, the other tenants in that apartment are responsible for that person's rent/utilities. Alsom, if you're from OOS, it's nice not to have to worry about purchasing furniture because then you have to deal with storage issues.</p>

<p>I think GrandMarc may lose residents with that increase.</p>

<p>Faulkner has single rooms</p>

<p>Faulkner</a> Apartments, Housing Division, U.Va. this is no different than a suite/apartment with roommates, it's not your own separate kitchen, living room, etc.</p>

<p>My son lives at the Grand Marc this year and really likes it. Apts are nice, reasonably priced when you finish tallying everything that is included compared to other apts. Keep in mind that there is a pool, gym etc. On campus housing is definitely less expensive but he lives in a 4/4 so has his own bath/bedroom but still has 3 roommates which is nice. There is so much to choose from in and around the University you need to spend time researching the internet and walking around.</p>

<p>I live in an off-grounds apt and pay $600 including utilities, and I only live with one other person. Off-grounds is awesome. GM is expensive (though it does include in-house laundry, bathrooms for each resident, and some other nice perks), and it's also not very conducive to studying. The walls are paper thin and it tends to attract a lot of weeknight partiers, meaning noise all the time (and some mystery smells in the hallway).</p>

<p>Wow....for what you guys are paying for rent at Grand Marc, you could buy a 2 bedroom condominium at 1800 JPA. Let your student live in it for a few years and then easily rent it out for $1,000 per month. Great time to buy and borrow....and it beats the heck out of the stock market.</p>

<p>Yeah we considered that and then they go and join a frat and they are only in the Grand Marc one year. lol. So glad we didn't invest like that, it would have been a mistake for us. I feel Grand Marc is worth it. Getting furniture down there would have been difficult for us plus laundry cost us a small fortune last year in the dorms. quarters add up.</p>

<p>^My apartment came furnished as well, though I do pay for laundry.</p>