Off - topic torrents anyone?

<p>Ok so the googling of torrents just isn't cutting it anymore.</p>

<p>Anybody have ANY invites to or or anything they would like to spare?</p>

<p>no, just use frostwire and you're golden</p>

<p>there are plenty of free sites that don't require invites or accounts</p>

<p> = awesome</p>

<p> - torrent search engine</p>

<p>I prefer isohunt and mininova(.org)</p>

<p>yea i use isohunt now that torrentspy is down</p>

<p>I miss demonoid.</p>



<p>free streaming, no downloads though.</p>

<p>some of the stuff is protected (ex: Jimmy Eat World has the copy-protection with the really horrible ringing every 30 seconds), but most of the music there (and there's a LOT of music) is fine. Universal is suing them so you know that they're good.</p>

<p>torrentwise, youtorrent is excellent.</p>

<p>$10 paypal and ill let you use my waffles account</p>

<p>i have a mac. i use the client "transmission"--it's the BEST EVER. it's very simple, you can pick and choose which parts of files you want to download, goes quick, no frills. i hate azureus. all other clients are in between the two extremes.</p>

<p>i use Torrents</a> Search Engine and then i usually download off of mininova.</p>

<p>music torrents<3</p>

the epitome of free music downloads</p>

<p>^ Lmao, yes.</p>

<p>PM for the best site ever</p>

<p>I use isohunt and piratebay, but a lot of indie or older music is hard to find, so I use Soulseek for that. I don't think there are really any good music dedicated sites that don't need invites...</p>

<p>I miss oink :(</p>

<p>^go ask indiejimmy(LOL)</p>