Official BS/MD 2020-21 Application Cycle

hi! I couldn’t find a chat for fall 2020 applicant so here it is!

who’s applying and to where?

also, does anyone know if schools like BU and CaseW that have become test optional for undergrad are also test optional for their BS/MD programs?

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Can anyone tell me if John Hopkins has a BS/MD program?

Hopkins does not have a BS/MD program. If you want a more “elite” program, try northwestern, boston u or brown

My daughter is planning to apply more than 10 colleges. Does the teachers write recommendation letters for each school or use same recommendation letter for all schools through naviance?

All US medical schools accredited by LCME are equally good. They all follow the same curriculum which will make one a licensed MD. It depends on individual what you do when you reach in the medical school. There are no elite medical schools except for the bragging rights. One does not get paid as a MD based on the medical school attended. BSMD programs are very competitive and one should not go for the prestige factor while applying. Apply widely and hope to get into at least ONE program. All you need is ONE acceptance.