***Official Canadian Class of 2014 Decisions Thread***

<p>Pick one:
Decision: Accepted
Decision: Waitlisted
Decision: Rejected</p>

[<em>] SAT I (breakdown):
[</em>] ACT:
[<em>] SAT II:
[</em>] Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0) or the %:
[<em>] Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):
[</em>] AP (place score in parenthesis):
[<em>] IB (place score in parenthesis):
[</em>] Senior Year Course Load:
[<em>] Major Awards:
[</em>] Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
[<em>] Job/Work Experience:
[</em>] Volunteer/Community service:
[<em>] Summer Activities:
[</em>] Essays:
[<em>] Teacher Recommendation:
[</em>] Counselor Rec:
[<em>] Additional Rec:
[</em>] Interview:
[<em>] State (if domestic applicant):
[</em>] Country (if international applicant):
[<em>] School Type:
[</em>] Ethnicity:
[<em>] Gender:
[</em>] Income Bracket:
[<em>] Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):
[</em>] Strengths:
[<em>] Weaknesses:
[</em>] Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected:
[li] Where else were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected:[/li][/ul]General Comments:</p>

<p>Here you go everyone. A place where you can post your stats when you get accepted or even if you don't. Mods please sticky this. I don't even think we have any decisions threads in our Canadian forum. And it is the class of 2014, right? And idk what you guys wanna do, but I thought this could be just for results or both results and chatter. Anyways, good luck everyone!</p>



<p>SAT I (breakdown): 760 Math, 700 CR, 690 W (Total:2150)
ACT: Did not take
SAT II: 760 Math I, 720 Bio
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0) or the %: ~91 % in Ontario System... probably 3.9ish in US.
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): approx. 5 out of 60
AP (place score in parenthesis):
IB (place score in parenthesis): 39 IB predicted (all 6s + 3 bonus points)
Senior Year Course Load: the usual... math, chem, bio, english, french, history, TOK
Major Awards: Math Awards... school ones, top ~1 % in nation in one... few others</p>


<p>Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
Job/Work Experience: Some work experience... cashier
Volunteer/Community service: 200 hours of community service... hospital, red cross etc.
Summer Activities: I did not do much during summer (for you guys, do some reasearch)
Essays: were good... one university actually sent me a handwritten note saying that I had a good essay
Teacher Recommendation: I believe they were good... not completely sure
Counselor Rec: very good...
Additional Rec: nope
Interview: nope</p>


<p>State (if domestic applicant):
Country (if international applicant): Canada (Ontario)
School Type: IB school, Public school
Ethnicity: South Asian
Gender: Male
Income Bracket: Parents are retired... but we are pretty well off.
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): nope</p>

Strengths: Essays... maybe marks?
Weaknesses: Not major awards
Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: I visited some schools... and showed interest... I worked hard on my applications!
Where else were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected: </p>

Emory (going to attend)
Notre Dame
Colorado College</p>

Johns Hopkins
some others...</p>

<p>Good Luck! Hope this helps</p>

<p>sorry guys, i forgot to edit that part. ignore state, and just put your province for future posters.</p>

<p>Decision: Waiting</p>

<p>*Objective: *</p>

<p>SAT I (breakdown): Didn't Take.
ACT: Didn't Take.
SAT II: Didn't take.
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0) or the %: 68.7% (C+) so far. Going to be higher with midterms.
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): None
AP (place score in parenthesis): None
IB (place score in parenthesis): None
Senior Year Course Load: World History, Computer Science, World Issues, English; Writer's Craft, Urban Geography, Business Leadership, Canadian gr. 12 History
Major Awards: None yet. Might win something at end of the year.</p>


<p>Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): None
Job/Work Experience: I used to babysit? Lol.
Volunteer/Community service: 40 hours required accomplished.
Summer Activities: Not summer, but Saturdays from September until May I play darts.
Essays: OUAC doesn't require essays.
Teacher Recommendation: For a scholarship
Counselor Rec: None required
Additional Rec: None required.
Interview: Two what seems like standard phone calls.</p>

State (if domestic applicant): Ontario
Country (if international applicant): I'm staying in Canada
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Female
Income Bracket: No idea
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): First generation
Strengths: I'm good at the subject my degree will be in? I'm generally pretty smart
Weaknesses: My computer science mark brought my average way down
Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: My average isn't high enough for an early acceptance.
Where else were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected:
Ni****ing: Waiting for Midterm Marks
Trent: Waiting for Midterm Marks
Windsor: Waiting for Midterm Marks</p>

<p>Hey, I'm from Windsor (Tecumseh, actually) too. But please don't post unless your accepted/waitlisted/rejected please. after you get accepted you may post again.</p>

<p>"Waiting" isn;t the same as waitlisted.</p>

<p>As the acceptances roll in I will try to keep track of who gets accepted/waitlisted/rejected where and come up with some Canadian CC "stats". This will be great for future CC Canadians who want to know what it takes us to get to US schools</p>

<p>Sorry everyone for bumping this thread again, but I forgot to include a section on Financial Aid, which is a pretty important factor for need-aware schools. So, at the very bottom of your post could every please indicate whether they applied for FA or not at all of the schools they applied to. </p>

<p>For example, if you look at alam1's post, where at the very bottom he posted where he applied to and the decisions, you could put whether you applied for FA or not in brackets. For example:
University of Florida - Gainesville (FA)
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (FA)
Boston College
Baylor University</p>

Univ. of South California (FA)
Georgia Tech
Yale </p>

Penn (FA)
Dartmouth </p>

<p>*so if you didn't apply for FA, just post the decisions as normal, if you applied for financial aid, just for FA in brackets next to the school you applied to. Thanks, and this will help me create more concrete data at the end of this year's application cycle.</p>

<p>lol got into Brandeis today... I withdrew my apps... Idk why they still decided to accept me... all this is kind of confusing.</p>

<p>lol, viggy you should put hardcore participation in CC as one of your ec. xD</p>

<p>i love your threads! they are awesome! =D</p>

<p>hey alam, why do you like emory? i'm kinda interested, but i haven't done enough research to find anything really really intriguing about it.</p>

<p>(@ viggy, should i have not posted this in this thread? sorryyyyy ><)</p>

<p>Why do I like Emory? Hmmm....the small class sizes, excellent visiting/permanent professors (Sir Salman Rushdie, Dalai Lama, President Jimmy Carter etc.), one of the highest endowments in the world (5 billion per year), being in Atlanta (excellent weather), state of the art facilities, incredible diversity (most diversity of any top 20 US university), top 20 ranked programs in psycology, biology, medicine, law, business, french, religion etc. , beautiful campus (I visited)... on top of that, the study abroad opportunities (I can study in Oxford, LSE, St. Andrews ... in India, Japan, anywhere pretty much), the difficult admission standards (17448 applied, 4000 admitted, 1300 or so spots). It's a "New Ivy"(group of 20ish universities that are recognized as offering as good of an education as their Ivy counterparts) and it is part of the "Southern Ivy League."... </p>

<p>Most importantly, however, it seemed to be the right fit for me... I loved when I visited so it was my dream school and I am choosing it over places like Chicago, Notre Dame and the other ones I mentioned... also, it is generous towards Internationals I believe... 13 % of the incoming freshman are Internationals and this is quite high when compared to other top schools... So what's not to love? Do your reseach and you'll love it.</p>

<p>EDIT: If you have questions about Emory of the US admissions process, you can PM me.</p>

<p>thanks hinderpanda. naw, go ahead, you can chat on this thread, whatever you guys wanna do. I just wanted to have a thread on here, because all the other forums have like "Harvard Class of 2014", but it was sad that we Canadians don't even have our own thread that's like those ones.</p>

<p>Also, such a thread would help people gauge where to apply, what standards are needed, if they should apply for FA or not, and much more. Having solid data or something to use as reference would especially help for people considering whether FA would be a big hit to their admission chances...thus I asked people to mention whether they applied FA or not.</p>

<p>Decision: Accepted</p>


<pre><code>* SAT I (breakdown): 600 Math 690 Critical Reading 670 Writing
* ACT: N/A
* SAT II: 790 French 730 Lit
* Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0) or the %: N/A
* Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 5/150
* AP (place score in parenthesis): n/a
* IB (place score in parenthesis): n/a
* Senior Year Course Load: 7 courses
* Major Awards: Citizenship and History graudation awards in high school


<pre><code>* Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): School Newspaper (Editor-in-chief), Social Justice Committee (founder/president), Students' association member, Theater Club (VP)
* Job/Work Experience: English Tutor (Private and through school) for four years
* Volunteer/Community service: FBR street team
* Summer Activities: Summer school (I'm in CEGEP so I took the classes for a reduced workload during regular semester)
* Essays: Good, definitely helped me get in
* Teacher Recommendation: 3 teachers, all glowing.
* Counselor Rec: again, glowing
* Additional Rec: n/a
* Interview: Didn't do any.


<pre><code>* State (if domestic applicant): Quebec
* Country (if international applicant): Quebec, Montreal
* School Type: I'm in CEGEP now
* Ethnicity: White
* Gender: Female
* Income Bracket: < 20,000 a year (I'm a self-supporting student)
* Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): My parents gave me a choice: stay in nursing school or get out of their house, when I told them I wanted to study film. So I left and have been supporting myself ever since, while remaining towards the top of my class.


<pre><code>* Strengths: Determination, essays
* Weaknesses: SAT scores, some of my practical art courses
* Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: I think I managed to get my heart and passion across in my letters.
* Where else were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected: Will post below

<p>General Comments:</p>

<p>Canadian Schools (accepted to all of them)
U of T (second year, entrance scholarship)
Carleton (second year, full scholarship)
UBC (second year, 30 credits advanced standing)

<p>American Schools
USC (accepted, first choice, will be going there)
NYU (accepted, first choice)
UCLA (accepted, second choice)
Columbia (still waiting)</p>

<p>^wow, amazing, emotional story. Are you a transfer student?</p>




<pre><code>* SAT I (breakdown):2310 (730, 780,800)
* ACT:
* SAT II:800 math2, 790chem
* Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0) or the %: 96.4/100
* Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):like top 5%
* AP (place score in parenthesis):
* IB (place score in parenthesis):taking exams in may
* Senior Year Course Load: 7 ib, 3 hl
* Major Awards: canada national science fair gold medal, some regional research awards


<pre><code>* Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): research at university, bball team
* Job/Work Experience: tutoring, grocery store clerk...
* Volunteer/Community service: vice prez of community league, hospital ward
* Summer Activities: uh, summer school...lol
* Essays: no clue how good they were. i did get a guy from our school who got into cornell to read them so...mighta helped?
* Teacher Recommendation: no clue, guess they're at least ok
* Counselor Rec: pretty good. read it.
* Additional Rec: research mentor. i think its pretty good
* Interview: none (cept for brown, where i got rejected, fml)


<pre><code>* Country (if international applicant): canada
* School Type: magnet public
* Ethnicity: asian
* Gender: M
* Income Bracket: over 120 000
* Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): nope


<pre><code>* Strengths: stats maybe? ecs and awards are at least comparable to ppl in the us
* Weaknesses: essays mighta been a weakness
* Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: isnt this the same question?
* Where else were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected:.....

<p>harvard and other decisions come out later correct?</p>

<p>uh, no...they all come up on april 1</p>

<p>i just didnt apply to harvard and princeton...</p>



<li>SAT I (breakdown):2230 (740, 770, 720)</li>
<li>ACT: </li>
<li>SAT II: 750 math ii, 750 lit</li>
<li>Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0) or the %: 92/100</li>
<li>Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):</li>
<li>AP (place score in parenthesis):</li>
<li>IB (place score in parenthesis): predicted 42/45, 33/45 actual due to medical problems</li>
<li>Senior Year Course Load: full IB</li>
<li>Major Awards: kiwanis club national piano scholarship</li>


<li>Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): varsities-- volleyball, badminton (captain, 1st seed, conference champs, jr team coach, trained with ex-olympic coach), and cross-country, piano (grade 9, jazz band, orchestra, awards at kiwanis and peel), lots of art, student council rep, arts council rep, cheer committee</li>
<li>Job/Work Experience: fundraiser for sickkids hospital, cashier, sales associate, tutor, barista, waitress</li>
<li>Volunteer/Community service: founded a community service organization for immigrant teens, misc volunteering at arts/music/culture events</li>
<li>Summer Activities: design intern for an artist, work</li>
<li>Essays: some good, some okay</li>
<li>Teacher Recommendation: </li>
<li>Counselor Rec: </li>
<li>Additional Rec: fantastic, from my art teacher</li>
<li>Interview: harvard princeton columbia, all fantastic</li>


<li>Country (if international applicant): canada</li>
<li>School Type: private</li>
<li>Ethnicity: asian</li>
<li>Gender: F</li>
<li>Income Bracket: 100k</li>
<li>Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): ?</li>


<li>Strengths: idk</li>
<li>Weaknesses: ib score, essays... wait those are the two most important things right? oops.</li>
<li>Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: idk</li>
<li>Where else were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected:</li>


Johns Hopkins</p>


SAT I (breakdown): 730 CR, 800 M, 680 W
ACT: 31
SAT II (if submitted): 800 Chem, 780 Bio E, 760 French
GPA: 85%
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): around 50% in my program but top program in the province.
AP (place score in parenthesis): N/A
IB (place score in parenthesis): N/A
Senior Year Course Load: Most rigorous bordering on masochistic
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): Governor General's Academic Medal for H.S. - that's it. </p>

Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): (Founding Editor) high school newspaper, first aid team, shadow a physician, write for current CEGEP paper, professional actor 8 years, regional quiz bowl champions (captain), 3rd place in province robotics competition (provincials, creative director), wrote the school play which is a musical and is to be performed next week (writer + producer). There are more but I don't remember offhand.
Job/Work Experience: Teach drama to kids at community centre, started a day camp's drama program from scratch, private tutor.
Volunteer/Community service: Hospital, paramedic, first aid team, blood drives.
Essays: about how I wrote the play.
Teacher Recommendation: stellar
Counselor Rec: no idea.
Additional Rec: a supplemental from the chief of staff at my hospital.
Interview: none </p>

Applied for Financial Aid?: Yes
Intended Major: undecided (premed)
State (if domestic applicant):
Country (if international applicant): Canada
School Type: Private
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Income Bracket: no idea
Hooks (URM, first generation college, research, etc.): legally blind. </p>

Strengths: EC's, refs, passion.
Weaknesses: CLASS RANK, GPA, ACT,
Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: GPA and class rank most likely
General Comments: I'm sad they didn't see me as more than just a mediocre GPA and look at my accomplishments. Oh well, off to McGill I go...</p>

<p>no interest in WashU or Oberlin? What about the Hopkins WL?</p>

<p>it's a money thing. McGill cost almost nothing for in-province.</p>