Hey guys, just submitted my application last night! Let’s start a discussion and comment below if you are applying

Just got my applicant ID. No one else applied?

Transfer into Columbia College or GS??

oooh I also applied to transfer to Columbia College for this fall!! @StrawberryIceTea I just got my applicant ID today too. I applied on the 27th and I was worried I had done something wrong but it just took a bit lol

Hi there! Also applied, but I haven’t gotten my applicant ID yet? :-/ I hope nothing went wrong…

What are your stats?

I applied to CC

@Calific You should get it soon. I think they said 7-10 from the day you submitted your app.


Here are my stats

Current college: Ivy (yes, I know it seems pretty much a lateral transfer but there are a lot of reasons why I want to go Columbia)
College GPA: 3.86
HS GPA: 4.30 with IB Diploma
ACT: 31

How about you?

@StrawberryIceTea Oh okay, I submitted my application on the 29th so I guess I just have to wait a few more days

@Calific mine took 5 days until I got it

What are everyone’s stats?

Major: Biochemistry

Current College:

Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, MO
GPA: 3.86
Extras: I am in the Honors Program & in Phi Theta Kappa; I was in the Chancellor’s list 3 times in a row
EC: Local Hospital ER, Convoy of Hope & Humane Society
Job: 1 full time as bilingual customer rep at a local bank & 1 part-time job as a bilingual tax associate in H&R block (I have worked full time for the past 3 years for 45+ hours/week plus 1 year of 65+ hours a week)
Summer Activities: full time job
Essays: I thought they were excellent. They had a twist to them, I used a theme throughout all my essays of the song “Defying gravity” in relation to my goals and incorporated the science of sound wavelengths in that song as a metaphor of my life and journey. The other essays were about what I will do at Columbia, they were very specific and clearly defined my reasons to transfer.

Teacher Recommendation: Excellent. First one was from a chemistry teacher who loves me, she is like another Mom. The second one was amazing too from our Honors program director. He talked all about my struggles and determination and it ties up with my essays perfectly. They couldn’t be better.

High School:

Willard High in Willard, MO
GPA: 3.75
ACT: 25
I graduated with an honors diploma
EC: NHS, FBLA (Secretary), DECA, Science Club, Foreign Language Club
I won a couple of rewards and made it to state twice with FBLA and I won a couple of diplomas in French from MSSU at a competition with our foreign language club
School didn’t offer IB/AP - but when I had to take 2 years off after high school due to my immigrant status, I did walk for 2 hours to my local library to check out textbooks and read for those 2 years - I didn’t mention this but it is in one of my letters of recommendation.


School Type: Community College
Ethnicity: Hispanic - born in Mexico
Gender: Female
Income Bracket: less than $50K
Hooks: Mexican, Immigrant, first generation college student, unique story

Strengths: Essays (I told my story in a unique way, it is clear it is very personal), Teacher recommendations (They both said they had my back and they did amazingly), background (I have a unique story but instead of focusing on the bad, I wrote about it and put the real meaning on the lessons I learned and what I did to “defy gravity”, it was very empowering and determined; plus I was very specific on why I needed to transfer (included exact programs and you can draw a timeline with how specific I was).
Weaknesses: GPA isn’t perfect but I did take on 2 jobs in the last semesters in 5 credit classes. ACT score isn’t high but others things make up for it, not enough ECs (but the ones I have are meaningful and they have a story and a purpose, which I explained. So I really don’t think they should count as a weakness)

I didn’t plan this, everything I’ve done is the most I could get out of the resources I had. One day I just realized I wanted this and decided to give it a try.

Good luck to everyone :slight_smile:


Wow coming from an ivy dang pretty solid chance.

Current college : emory
College gpa : 4.0
Act: 35
Hs gpa: 3.6uw (probs my weakest part)

Pretty much want to transfer cause emory doesnt offer a major I want that Columbia does.

As for ec quite honestly nothing amazing just stuff like sga senator, couple clubs and hobbies etc

@thecoolboy1234 But it is harder to explain why I want Columbia because they are very similar schools. Emory is a great school, I have a couple friends at Emory. What major are you?

@blackwidow22 I’ll be rooting for you. Thats a great story!

@StrawberryIceTea wow that is so nice of you! I will be rooting for you too :slight_smile: Everything will be okay! :smiley:

Is anybody applying for engineering?

Good luck everyone!

@RedLobster42 I applied for economics. But best of luck with engineering! I am not sure it is true but I heard that Fu takes more transfer

@StrawberryIceTea Really?? where did you hear that? I was waitlisted two years ago but I applied to the college.