Official ED Decision

<p>If you'd like to send a UVA e-postcard announcing your acceptance, you can find them on the UVA web site under Postcards in the A-Z web site index.</p>

<p>ACCEPTED!!!! </p>

<p>3.9 weighted GPA
School doesn't rank
2280 SAT (800W 800CR 680M)
Demanding courseload
Decent EC's, but nothing outstanding
Great essays and rec's
Out of state</p>

780 M, 750 V, 700 W, 710 Hist, 800 MII, 800 Chem
Strong church participation, strong academic based EC's(science club, it's academic), Gov school
I thought my essays were overall Ok. Either they picked up my strange personality and liked it or the rest of my stats were good enough.
3 APs last year: 5,4,4
5 this year with full courseload
Photo tech at CVS
The two teachers who did my Recs liked me a lot and I've achieved incredible feats in their classes.</p>

Top 2-3% of class ~ 650 students
SAT: 660V 680M 620W
Marching band sectional leader
District band
25hr week Job
Pretty good REC's</p>

<p>Anyway, I want to thank cavalier302 for reading my essays and assuring me that they were "solid" haha. Thanks to everyone on this forum also. Saved me lots of calls to the admission office. Great community. Good luck to all the others<br>
who were deferred and RD applicants. WAHOO 2010!</p>

<p>congrats. i wonder how many at my school got in since a billion people applied. anyways daddyflow13 what school do u go to?</p>

<p>I got deferred...</p>

<p>3.91 UW GPA
2020 SAT (680V 620M 720W)
5 APs
Good EC's, a lot of leadership roles, good reccomendations from 2 AP teachers, essays could have been better
White female from Southern Virginia</p>

<p>Does anyone know the percentage of deferrals that are accpeted RD? also, is there any way we can revise and resubmit our essays before the RD deadline?</p>

<p>Imiracle911 I go to Lake Braddock Secondary School.</p>

<p>We had a really strong pool of ED applicants this year from my school. I was a little surprised I got in.</p>


<p>4.125 W gpa
2080 (760 cr, 660 m, 660w)/ 1400 old
3/183 class rank
good ec's: varsity cheer, honors choir, all district choir, volunteer cheer coach, other clubs, blah blah blah
rec: only sent in one really good one</p>

<p>in state</p>

<p>*cheer88, where in southern va? i'm from grayson, if u kno where that is. like wytheville area.</p>

So it looks like UVa likes high GPAs.


<p>the acceptance/waitlist/rejection split can be drawn almost entirely down GPA divisions at a lot of instate schools, aka higher than chosen GPA = in, lower = out.</p>

<p>Does anyone who is deferred in the ED process ever get admitted to UVA? My D claims that no one from her HS has ever been able to overcome a deferral. Is this just a polite way of saying, brace yourself for a rejection letter in April?</p>


<p>4.0 U/W GPA on a 4.0 scale
ACT: 27
SAT: ( 1800 )
3 varisty sports,5 clubs, etc.... (lots)
LOTS of academic scholarships and awards
Decent Essays
Good Recs....
In State</p>

<p>Wahoos '10</p>

<p>It looks like the admissions office is more lenient in accepting in-state students, but that is also because they need to admit a certain no. or percentage of Virginians. Also, a lot of you got deferred because this is EARLY DECISION, and therefore the pool quality is really high. </p>

<p>Congratulations to all that got accepted! Very proud of y'all.</p>

<p>I believe a small percentage (10-15%?) who are deferred get in RD. I think what they are primarily looking for is that you are improving your record this semester, particularly grades-wise. I don't know much about talking to admissions people like others are suggesting, but it seems it would be a good way for the admissions to personally know how you are improving.</p>

<p>Unfortunately for some of you that have gotten deferred, you seem to already have very good grades. Looking at everyone's stats, it's kind of puzzling as to why some got deferred. There is some sort of generalized 'cut-off' GPA line, where most of the accepted are on the higher end of it, but I'm not sure if this is a weighted or unweighted thing. If it's the former, that's particularly unfair to students that have weights that don't count as much, or their school doesn't have weights at all.</p>

<p>tenniscraze, yes, it is easier for instate applicants to get in, but the ED pool is not in any way significantly stronger than the RD pool. In fact, in some ways, it could be weaker. In my own experience, I've seen many applicants who were light years away from being even vaguely qualified to be admitted who applied early and were, of course, rejected or deferred. The year I applied, I knew of at least 15 or so ED applicants from my school whose applications would have garnered no serious consideration (<1100 SATs, 5th-2nd decile ranks). Remember, the applicants from CC land are much more qualified than what is generally seen.</p>

<p>sv3a, GPAs are all relative, especially weighted GPAs. If there is a GPA cutoff, it tends to be school-by-school, but, even in that instance, all other factors are taken into account. Weighted GPAs are for use within individual schools, and therefore have no validity in the comparison of applicants of disparate academic backgrounds.</p>

Asian Male from New Jersey
GPA: 4.47 weighted (no unweighted)
Rank: Top 10% no exact rank
SAT: 2170 (750/700/720)
Varsity Volleyball Captain
Marching Band Section Leader
Band Vice President
Some other things</p>

<p>Class of 2010. Virginia, here I come. Congrats to everyone else who made it, see you all next year.</p>

<p>it's funny to see cav302 and his suitemate sv31 arguing in the same thread.</p>

<p>i got deferred. My senior yr semester grades are going to be all A's and im doing the IB program, so although im really bummed out about uva, the straight A's will hopefully help me. Do u think i should call adcoms or what? I really really want to go to uva, its been like the school i wanted to go to since like sophomore yr.</p>

<p>I'm in the same boat, thrills. I emailed admissions to ask them what I was lacking/what I can do to improve my odds, although I'm worried I might get one or two B's this semester.</p>

<p>Yea, unfortunately my 4th year spanish teacher is crazy, and no matter how hard I try I can't even come close to an A. So hopefully If my other classes can be A's maybe that one lower grade won't matter as much, but I have no idea. </p>

<p>It really sucks though if you take out my freshman year I have around a 3.8... with freshman year its a 3.6.</p>

<p>Oh well, I've got other schools I'd be very happy at so it doesn't really bother me, I just didnt want to deal with applications this winter because the winter/2nd quarter is always when my grades slip. Luckily they seem to be going well so far but who knows.</p>

<p>But yea both my parents went there and ive been visiting it since elementary school so it just seemed like the perfect fit for me. I'm so comfortable when I'm there, just felt like the place I belonged at.</p>

<p>4.08 W GPA; 28 out of class of 311
760 M, 620 CR, 610 W

<p>Accepted into school of engineering. In HS, 12 people applied ED;6 accepted (total, not Engineering only). Believe UVA is GPA driven and has rough quotas by school in state (have accepted 18 apps from this HS in each of past three years regardless of number of applicants which ranged from 33 to 45). Have sorted by GPA and SAT and definitely correlation is to GPA with 1 or 2 outliers each year. The good news is my son got in despite relatively low GPA, so admissions does look beyond the obvious. Assume it was essays (total person), but don't really know. Given the stats on accepted, but not attend, assume stronger in state applicant pool goes in RD not ED.</p>