Official ED Decision

<p>Post your decision and stats here. This will be helpful for future applicants. coughMEcough.</p>

<p>White male out of state, applying early to engineering.
ACT: 32
SAT: Math-700 Verbal-650 Critical Reading-630 (retaken in november)
SAT 2: Mathematics Level 2-760 Physics-710 U.S. History-740
GPA: UW-3.7 W-4.75 Top 10% at very competitive school
AP Stat:5 AP CompSci:4 AP UsHist:4 AP Calc AB:5 AP English Language:3
taken hardest courseload possible. Got 2 B's freshman year rest A's, same sophmore year. Got 4 B's junior year rest A's.
ECs:XC/Track three seasons a year all three years(will be four), won numberous awards in connection with runing, now am captain of XC and indoor track, Member of NHS(10,11,12) Key Club(9-12) Ping Pong Club(10,11,12) Plus I unicyle frequently.
I wrote three good creative essyas(i think), with two good recomendations. Also i gave them a link to a 3 minute video of me unicycling in the extra activities portion of the applicaiton..</p>


gpa uw 3.9 w 4.3
class rank 26/486
SAT M700 V680 W660
Decent essays
Good recs
Good ECs</p>

<p>I got deferred...</p>

<p>3.55 UW GPA
2130 SAT (690V 800M 640W)
Subject Tests: 780 Math2, 690 Physics, 690 US Hist.
Good EC's, interesting essays, reccomendations probably could have been better though.
In-State, both parents alumni and donators.</p>

<p>Edit: Forgot AP's...
5 on Statistics and 4 on Comp Sci Junior year; 4 more AP's this year.</p>

<p>Pretty much needed better GPA and reccomendations that got me deferred. Good luck to you next year though!</p>

<p>Class rank: 11/214
GPA: 3.96 W
SAT: top score: 2270 combined top: 2300
Extracurriculars: College ballet company, editor of newspaper, work for local paper, starting a sister schools project where our school completely funded the rebuilding of a war-destoyed school in west africa
7 APs; lots of DE
really good essays ("beautiful/moving")
and crazy recommendations</p>

Got accepted</p>

<p>Accepted ED for School of Engineering</p>

<p>Rank: 3/286
GPA: 4.33 W
SAT I: 2040 (740M, 660V, 640W)
SAT II: Math IIC - 800 US History - 660
AP: Calculus BC - 5
AB Subscore - 5
(others aren't 4 or 5)</p>

<p>EC: Varsity tennis 3 years, the usual honor societies, Mentorship research for a year on piezoelectricity,Science Bowl,Volunteer(250+ hours), etc</p>

<p>decent essays, good recommendation</p>

<p>classrank: 234/600
GPA: 2.2 W
SAT top score 1540/2100
no AP
ok essays
ok recs
parents donated 500,000 dollars</p>

<p>Out of State

<p>Just joking.......</p>

<p>I was unofficially accepted for an hour. I walked on the campus, bought some stuff from the bookstore, and then left.</p>

<p>i got deferred</p>

<p>3.7UW GPA
2050 SAT</p>

<p>wow, no rejection yet...</p>

out of state
1510 old sat (2290 with writing sat ii)
4.5 w / 3.77 uw (two b's, 1 c in physics)
no sports except intramural but other extra currics involving singing and teaching
5 ap's this year

<p>Even though she said she would wait for the mail, D went online. Deferred.
3.65 UW
5 APs/Remainder Honors (AP USH 4; AP French 4)
SAT: 770M 740CR 680W
Subject Tests: 680MathI; 710History
Good recommendations (two AP teachers)
Good essays (IMHO)
Legacy applicant (Dad is a double Hoo; regular and consistent $$ contributor).
Prepared music supplement. Reviewed by two professors. Both submitted special requests to admissions committee to admit D b/c of special talent.</p>

<p>In-state. Top 10%/Public H.S. (No. Va.)</p>

<p>D is holding up well.</p>

<p>So it looks like UVa likes high GPAs.</p>

<p>3.7 W
2100 SAT (640 M/730 V/700 W)
Great Essays, Pretty Good EC's and Great Rec's
SAT II: US History - 790
AP English Lang., AP Psych, AP US - 5, AP World - 4</p>


<p>Congratulations to ALL! </p>

<p>Son - Accepted</p>

<p>SAT: 2250
GPA: 4.0 UW
Rank: 4/600 very competetive school - in state
Very Good EC's, awards, 4 AP's last year (scored three 5's and one 4), 3 AP's this year, took 3 SATII's: 790, 740, 700</p>

<p>3.9 gpa
top 5 percent
several aps in hs
1750 new sat
all state debate, all area band, debate captain, marching section leader
good essays</p>


<p>although the rest of my app was really really strong, my sats were not good. for those of you who get deferred, retesting should be taken seriously.</p>

<p>are u gonna retake the SAT tuba?</p>

<p>93 GPA
no class rank
APUSH - 4 (taking 5 APs this year)
great essays/reccs
pres of nhs, founder/pres of free tutoring club, managing editor of school paper, dance, tutor</p>


<p>i need to......but currently i am in the runnings for making the all state band. the tryouts are the first 2 weeks in january......then i have 2 debate tournaments that i need to go to for qualifying to the national tournament of champions......then in february i have more band, more debate, and then state band.....then finally state debate. i am up to my neck in ecs, and i would never want to give up the chance to make state over a few lousy sat points. if worst comes to worst, i dont get into uva. theres plenty of really good schools (osu, ut, um, usc) that are well within my range, and also have a lot of the things that i am looking for originally. i applied to uva because of its academics......but i will not be upset if i end up going to a big football school</p>

<p>4.475 weighted GPA
1380 SAT (690 v...690m...630 writing)
4/ 527
SAT II's: 770 US; 640 World
5 AP's total; 4 on AP euro, 5 on AP US
great essays and recommendations
pres of Anchor Club, sec. of MUN, sec. of NHS, senior class officer; Color Guard 3 years; viola 10 years

<p>ACCEPTED! :)</p>