**Official Franklin & Marshall Class of 2025**

This thread is meant to discuss ED/RD results for the class of 2025. Let us know if you applied and how you fare.

hi! I applied in the RD round. Do you know by when will the decisions be out?

Hey guys, I’m actually F&M class of 2024 but if y’all have any questions lemme know. I’ve done class 100% remotely this year and I’ve never been to campus(if you have been to campus lemme know how it is lmao), so I won’t be helpful in that regard but I can talk about my classes/professors. I’m planning on studying classical archaeology.

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Do you know anything about what it is like to be an international student at F&M?

yeah, like what are the chances for internationals requiring financial aid ?

I’m a domestic student so I’m not sure, sorry!

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I’m a domestic student, so I don’t have that perspective unfortunately. I’m from Hawaii and that’s why I’ve never been to campus. What sorts of things are you wondering about regarding being an international student?

When the RD is coming out?

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1 April evening EST

Dude, How many colleges you have applied?

hi all, we will know our decision tomorrow at 7 pm ET. they just sent an email


Looking back to last year, it looks like they sent two different emails. One with wording about financial aid and one without. Did anyone get one with wording about financial aid this year?

The email we received did mention financial aid

I saw that in last year’s thread, too, and took notice that our son’s email does not mention financial aid. With that said, we did not fill out FAFSA or apply for aid.

Mine also had the financial aid part

Sorry I am not familiar with what you are talking about… so you get accepted if you have the financial aid part?

Based on just a couple of responses from last year’s thread, it kind of looks like that. A couple of posters noted that their email didn’t have the line about financial aid and two of those who noted that came back with rejections. It’s a small sampling, but not making me feel optimistic for my son for tomorrow. I’m pretty bummed, because I was really hoping for this one for him. He’s waiting on Providence for 7 pm tonight, which he prefers, so if that comes back with an acceptance, I guess I can relax about this one. Wish I hadn’t read last year’s thread!

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I wish there was more sample size to compare from, I saw the thread and yeah pretty bummed too but wishing the best for your son for both schools… do you think the same goes for internationals? The email myth?

My email also mentions financial aid. It’ll be interesting to see if it really means anything. Good luck everyone! :heart:

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Can you guys send what was written exactly?