**Official Franklin & Marshall RD Class of 2024**

Hey All, I haven’t seen a page for class of 2024 RD made yet so I figured I’d make one to post stats + decisions. Any idea on when decisions are being released?

Probably March 17th based on last year’s decisions

“The deadline for Regular Decision is January 15, and all decisions will be made by April 1.”

  • From the website.

It does say BY April 1st instead of ON. It’s kind of annoying how no date is actually set.

Can someone call the admissions office

I uploaded a document as an “other documents” option from the upload materials tab about two weeks ago, and I’m quite sure it was uploaded successfully but now it doesn’t show up. Did something like this happen for anyone else?

I know colleges won’t probably hide decisions in the html code, but I wanna ask if anyone of you have register under slate-technolutions-net.cdn.technoulutions.net.

Did you call?

@thechosenone1235 Are you talking about https://slate-technolutions-net.cdn.technolutions.net/register/embed.js?v=20200113-637166765146764657 ?

A couple other decisions come out this weekend so maybe it will too. I’m international, ACT 35, 4.0GPA, class rank number 1, best graduating student and bunch of other olympiad and nerd crap. I’m however applying for complete aid which kinda sets me behind I think. I interviewed and it went great so… chance?

@WilliamsBoi Yeah… I know I am just reading too much into it.

So, does anyone know when decisions come out?

someone awhile back on here said based on last year it would be this Tuesday but idk

I tried emailing them, but they only said by April 1st. Can someone call them? I’m pretty sure they’d give an accurate date.

anyone else get the email that decisions are coming out tomorrow (march 18) at 7pm?

I did but what was your phrased as we appreciate your interest

Yes. Did you receive two emails today?

I only received one

Thank you for applying to Franklin & Marshall College. The Admission Committee has reviewed your application, and our decision will be released and available on your F&M Application Portal March 18 at 7:00 pm Eastern.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in Franklin & Marshall College.


Is that what you got

Yes Im pretty sure everyone’s was phrased that way. Good luck to everyone, I really hope I get in.