Official HS transcript missing a class-advice?

My D has applied to 10 colleges and sent her official transcript from a service used by the school which cost @ $5 each. She just realized today that her AP Environmental Science class that she took last year is not listed. I advised her to contact the counselor/teacher to find out what to do-get the transcript corrected and maybe suggest that the counselor contact the schools about the error? Apparently the teacher retired and probably does not have an school email anymore. Is this a big deal? Should she contact the colleges she has applied to or have the counselor do it? Resend transcript to colleges once it is corrected? Thank you.

Counselor should do it. Escalate if necessary, but it needs to come from the school.

@skieurope Thank you. Are you saying that she should contact the counselor to have him correct it on the official transcript? Then, should the counselor contact the schools that D already sent the transcript with the missing class information OR should D reorder the transcript to send with the correct information once it is corrected? Should D contact any of the colleges to let them know that a class was missing from the transcripts she sent? How would she escalate? Just let the counselor know it is important?

The school needs to correct the the transcript. Assuming that the error is not the result of something your daughter did or did not do, there should be no charge for sending a corrected transcript. It does matter who sends the transcript. If the counselor gives pushback, you or she should escalate up the school’s chain of command.

She can let the colleges know that she is working on getting a corrected transcript sent.

@skieurope Thank you! This is helpful information. The only thing I would question is whether it would be considered her “fault” for not checking over that the transcript was accurate before ordering it through Parchment (transcript service).


I was thinking along the lines of a summer course at another HS that needed to be added to the home HS, as an example.

Of course if the order form says that the student must verify transcript accuracy before requesting, then it’s her fault.

The teacher retiring should not be an issue. Your school Registrar is actually the one that deals with records and transcript issues. The counselor can let her know of the issue.

Thank you @skieurope and @Meddy . I will check to see if our high school has a registrar. I haven’t heard that term used in the hs.

Unless a very large school or an expensive prep school, the GC is probably the registrar. ?

@skieurope I was wondering if that might be the case. I hope it can get corrected on the official transcript and at colleges soon.

@skieurope @Meddy Interesting twist…the counselor assured her that the official transcript that the colleges would have received has the class on it even though when she logs into Parchment, it is not listed on her view. I guess the counselor can see it on his view of it? Does this sound right? I hope so. I’m thinking about contacting Parchment to see if that information is correct.

Is there anyone who knows the ins and outs of the Parchment services to know if this could be possible? Why would one class be missing on the student view but seen on the counselor view? Thanks!

I know nothing about Parchment. Sorry

I would send the counselor a copy of what you have and ask her to send you a screen shot or copy of what he sees to settle a worried parent’s / student’s heart. How could she say no? :slight_smile:

@Meddy-Thank you. D is requesting counselor send what he has and contacted Parchment asking about whether her class that she shows missing was on transcripts sent to colleges. I think we’d just like to understand why the counselor is seeing one thing and D is seeing another.

@1Lotus Any word yet?

@Meddy She is not asking counselor to send his view. From her view, the school portal is correct but what she sees on the Parchment view is wrong. We have a message out to Parchment with a case #. I will give it a couple more days before following up. Thanks for asking. I will try to remember to follow up when I find out what Parchment actually sent. I am wondering if the counselor is looking at the school portal instead of Parchment.