Official June SAT 2012 results!

<p>Hey guys.. Baah got owned this time (first try).. 2100
720 M
720 W (79 MCQ with 7 essa)
660 CR
Math was okay I missed 3 questions (that I could have answered) because of my teacher -_-.. Called time early at our test centre. CR was like dafaq? The CR Was so much harder this time.. Usually I score 770+ in CR.. This was just crazy lol :P.. And the essay.. Baah killed it.. Freaking Essay.. Killed my 800 in writing.. :|
What about you guys? how'd it go?</p>

<p>How many? With chocolate icing? Sprinkles on top? :p</p>

<p>That’s a good score! Also, that’s the thing I don’t like about maths … I got only 2 question wrong and got a 740 -_- (remember that -0.50 is rounded up).</p>

<p>CR was also usually tough for me. -5 got me a 730, which I think was okay given I got so many wrong.</p>

<p>Writing seems like your strong point. Here’s a really helpful link for the essay: <a href=“[/url]”>;/a&gt; . It got me an 11 for a grand total of just 720W :p</p>

<p>Are you a '18er or '17er? In any case, you should retake it :)</p>

<p>Ooh, that’s an awesome score. Congratulations on that!! :)</p>

<p>@Mrinal Thanks but I feel I can do atleast a 2250+… @Tizil what was your total score? Haha I read that and I tried it but somehow still got a 7 -<em>- Will try to get better at essays though… That really killed my score. CR was just terrible… Can’t say what happened there… Hopefully I’ll have a better teacher next time… Dang lady took off so much time -</em>-… What do you think I should do so I can aim for a 2300+ in the October test? I’ve finished both the Princeton books (Cracking 2012 and 11 Practice tests), the blue book 2012, Sparknotes SAT Prep and the free practice tests on CB site and PR site… Dang… Feel so bad… Was consistently getting 2200+… Can’t believe I dropped 100 points -_-
Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks guys I don’t feel so bad anymore :P</p>