**Official** November SAT I Scores


<p>Target: ????</p>

<p>Composite: ????
Math: ???
CR: ???
W: ??? (?? E, ?? MC)</p>

<p>Retake: Yes/No</p>

<p>Target: 2300 (800M/700CR/800W)</p>

<p>Composite: 2190
M: 800
CR: 670
W: 720 (10 E, 70 MC)</p>

<p>Retake: YES definitely</p>

<p>Target: 2300</p>

<p>Composite: 2310
Math: 740
CR: 770
W: 800 (12 E, 78 MC)</p>

<p>Retake: No</p>

<p><3 life.</p>

<p>Target: 2250 (800m/700cr/750w)</p>

cr:680 :(

<p>retake :maybe</p>

<p>Target: 2200 (800M/650CR/750W)</p>

<p>Composite: 2070
Math: 800
CR: 580
W: 690 (8 E/ 71 MC)</p>

<p>Retake: YES</p>

<p>Target: 2250 (800 M/700 CR/ 750W)</p>

<p>Composite: 2230
Math: 790
CR: 700
W: 740 (11E/ 71 MC)</p>

<p>Retake: Possibly</p>

<p>Target: 2250</p>

Math: 740
CR: 700
Writing: 750 (10E, 74MC)</p>

<p>I have an 800 in Math from before so I have a mix & matched score of 2250!! HELL YES. who wants a hug?</p>

<p>p.s. the first two times ive taken it, ive gotten 600 in CR both times. this is a huge improvement thank you rocketreview!!! =D</p>

<p>Retake: No thanks</p>

<p>Target: 1100 CR + Math</p>

<p>Composite: 1670
Math: 560
CR: 550
W: 560 (7 E, 58 MC)</p>

<p>Retake: Yes/No</p>

<p>Yes, go ahead and laugh</p>

<p>Target: 2300</p>

CR:800 (Can't believe this, I think they messed up lol)
Math:770(This is the one I wanted a 800 in)
Writing:720(10 essay)</p>

<p>Retake: Yes</p>

<p>Oh, btw I got a 70 on the 20-80 scale for writing MC, how many wrong is that??</p>

<p>No study, No effort, went into test on 4 hours of sleep ~</p>

<p>Composite socre - 1920</p>

<p>(Will retake because I freaked out and blanked on a math section.. I have a lot of trouble controlling wacky emotions sometimes, and for some reason I just felt extraordinary anxiety)</p>

<p>Critical Reading - 680</p>

<p>Writing - 700 (12 on essay)</p>

<p>Math - 540 QQ *** (I really think if I put the time into studying and memorizing a few of the geometric formulas, of which, I could remember almost nothing, that I will have a good shot at a 600-620.)</p>

<p>I think I'm capable of a 700 on CR and atleast a 600 on math,</p>

<p>So for my first time, and with a goal of around 2000, not so bad :)</p>

<p>Target: 2300</p>

<p>2270 (2370 composite)
Reading: 700 (800 last time)
Math: 770
Writing: 800</p>

<p>Hell no!!</p>

<p>Target: 2200</p>

<p>2110 (2180 composite)
CR: 750
Math: 680 (710 on old SAT)
Writing: 680 (10 essay, 65 MC [***, no way I missed that many MC]) -- (720 last time)</p>

<p>Retake: Nope, told myself I was finished with SAT's on Nov. 5.</p>

<p>grr... can't edit my post, but no, i'm not retaking my 1670!!</p>

<p>its 7am here, i really hope mine are on this site even though my check was sent back b/c my mom forgot to sign it! grr...</p>

<p>Target: 700+ W</p>

<p>CR: 690
Math: 770
W: 780 (11 essay 76 mc)</p>

<p>I thought I bombed the essay (didn't finish and it was crap).</p>

<p>New composite:
CR: 730
M: 780


<p>Target: 2250+ (1550+ CR+M)</p>

<p>CR: 770
M: 800
W: 690 (10 essay 66 MC <$@&U)@*$ I had to have made a scantron error)</p>


<p>Already been accepted EA, so this is the one and only time I'm taking it.</p>

<p>Target: 2200</p>

<p>2250 (Composite: 2260)
Math: 700 (I completely read TWO questions wrong. Yeah, I'm stupid lol)
CR: 750
W: 800 (11 E, 80 MC)</p>

<p>Retake: NO, I'm done!</p>

<p>Target: Better than before</p>

Math: 710
CR: 800
W: 770 (10 E, 76 MC)</p>

<p>Retake: No</p>

<p>Target: 2300</p>

Math: 800
CR: 750
W: 770 (8 E, 80 MC)</p>

<p>Retake: for a scholarship, yes.</p>