Official UW Transfer Thread 2020

Hey guys I know it’s suoer early for this, but I figured I might as well start the 2020 transfer thread for UW now since I am potentially going to apply myself. Anyways, feel free to drop your stats here and talk about anything related to UW! Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m gong to drop my stats real quick. So first of all I’m at an in-state 4 year college right now (WSU) but I don’t really like it st WSU that much. I’ve found it hard to fit in due to the emphasis on Greek life and partying which I do not wish to be a part of. So I’m considering a transfer and UW is one of the schools I’m looking at.

Standing: I’ll be a junior this coming year, but I switched majors to business starting this semster so it may take me an extra semester or two (I may still be a sophomore in that case)
Major: Business Finance (applying to Foster at UWS)
Pre-Reqs: I briefly looked at UWs business school pre-reqs and it looks like by the end of this coming school year I’ll have them done. Not sure what’s going to happen thiugh because I’ll submit my alllication with only one semester of them done. I’m taking math for business/Econs majors, financial accounting, microeconomics, business law, and psychology in my first semester. Second semester I’m taking business statistics, managerial accounting, macroeconomics, calculus for business/Econs majors and a political science course of some sort.
GPA: Before this coming year its a 3.63 cumulative after one semester it could be a max of a 3.71 cumulative
ECs: not too much here honestly I’ll try to improve this section this year but I was a member of my colleges tennis club, worked on a student produced show on campus as a script writer, and social media manager and that’s really it lmao.

Anyways, let me know what you think my chances are and also let me know if I missed any requirements to apply to UW. Thanks!


Has anyone successfully transferred to UW from WSU before? And if so, did most of your credits transfer over? Did they accept you directly to your major? And if you were a business major, (this would be really nice) what WSU classes transferred to UW?

Anyone else applying to UW as a transfer for any quarter in 2020 or even winter quarter coming up?

Here we go again… I applied for the 2020 Winter quarter! Unfortunately, this is my second time enduring the painful wait.

I applied as an out of state transfer (from a different university) with a 3.7 at junior status for the Autumn 2019 quarter. I was denied because I did not meet the CADRs, which inhibited their ability to review my application (hence I had a busy summer in order to reapply by August for this coming winter). Good luck, everyone! We got this!

@gNelly what was the issue with your CADRs? I’m applying for autumn 2020 and I’m just now noticing on my HS transcript that I only have 2.5 credits for math while UW requires 3. I’m confused about this because I passed my Smarter Balance Assessment which I earned 0.5 credit for and received a P on my transcript, and also because UW says “All freshman and transfer applicants must complete a minimum level of preparation in six subject areas” which I have 6 of the 8 subject areas completed on their list. I’m worried that this will cause them to not look at my application at all and automatically deny me. I’m taking Math 96 (an algebra class that would make up for the missing CADR math credit) at my CC this upcoming winter, then the math classes I need for entry to my major at UW/my AA at my CC in the spring.

@stassie18 , the issue with my lacking CADR credit was due to the foreign language requisite. I had never taken a foreign language course (not even in high school). I had to take at minimum 2 college-level foreign language classes for them to review my app. I satisfied that requisite prior to reapplying and I got accepted. Obviously, you don’t automatically get accepted if you meet them, but what I mean is that they were able to review my application. I had a 3.7 GPA with the bulk of my recent credits being engineering, math and physics courses. I also worked really hard on my essay.

If you are transferring to UW, I would highly recommend that you attend a Transfer Thursday if you can. Do this before applying. It provides the opportunity to speak face-to-face with someone in admissions. The only way to be certain about meeting the CADRs listed online (or to clear up any question) is to speak directly with admissions. If you are at least enrolled in the missing credits at the time of your application, you might have a shot at them reviewing your app.(confirm this with UW!).

Best of luck!! I completely understand the stress involved with applying. I first applied nearly one year ago and I finally get to start next month. It has been a long year.

@gNelly Thank you so much and congrats on getting in!! I’m hoping to go Autumn 2020 but if I have to appeal or even apply for Winter 2021 I will. I’m going to the Transfer Thursday this upcoming Thursday actually, but I was getting super anxious over this and wanted to know other peoples’ experience who had a similar issue! I’m going to wait to apply until January, and I’ll be enrolled in my missing CADR credit by then. The website also says that your CADRs need to completed by the time of enrollment, so I hope it’s alright that I’m applying with 0.5 in progress! Good luck next quarter!

@stassie18 , sounds like you’re on top of things! I totally understand the anxiety! If you’re determined to go to UW, keep trying and work really hard on your essay. Its your opportunity to explain yourself. The Transfer Thursday session will also go over what they’re looking for in your essay. Be sure to touch on each topic if you can. Arrive at your session with a list of questions. Don’t leave with any unanswered questions. You got this!

I attend an in-state Community College. My stats are:
Standing: 106 credits with all Pre-req’s completed
Major: Business Finance (Looking to take this at Foster). Back up: Econ.
Pre-Reqs: I have a 3.825 Pre-app GPA.
Business Calc. - 4.0
Econ Micro or Macro - 4.0
Eng. 101 - 3.9
Actg. 203 (215) - 3.4
GPA: I currently have a cumulative of a 3.65 GPA . I am not too sure if they round up, but the avrg gpa in the past years usually revolves around a 3.7.
WSA: I got a 4.0 on the WSA test. I am looking to re-take it, and try to score a 5.
ECs: I was the president of a club, that is currently running for 2 years. I was also apart of the student Government team for 1 year. I am going to be a tutor in Jan. 2020, so by the deadline for foster that should be 2-3 months of experience (if that helps lol).


I’m surprised that your application was not reviewed for not meeting the foreign language requirement. I raised a question about CADR and was told that as a transfer student some CADRs will be ignored if you don’t meet it, hmm interesting. Though, congrats on getting in!

Hi, please let me know my chances!

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Ethnicity: Black/African American
From low-income family

Status: Running start student / High school Senior (I’ve been taking classes full time at Highline College since my junior year)

Highschool GPA: 3.78
College GPA: 3.71

SAT SCORES: 1290 (690Math/600WRI/REA) - I’m planning to retake during March. Can I still send that score afterwards?



FALL 2018: Vice-president Honor Roll - GPA: 3.90

*BIO 160
*BUSN 135 (elective)
*General CHEM I / LAB

Winter 2019: Vice-president Honor Roll - GPA: 3.83

*General CHEM II / LAB
*Calculus I

Spring 2019: Vice-president Honor Roll - GPA: 3.63

*General CHEM III / LAB
*Calculus II

Summer 2019: Vice-president Honor Roll - GPA: 3.75


Fall 2019: GPA-3.47 (tough quarter)

*Organic CHEM I / LAB
*Physics I / Lab

ESSAY: okay (7/10)

Volunteer (30+hrs): Tutored at my local library

Work Experience (3 months - present): Tutored for a program at my college

Class Rank: 18/211

Does anyone know what’s the transfer acceptance rate as out of state?

Hey guys is there an activities section in the application? I cannot seem to find it

@poolsideconvo78 I believe you are supposed to embed that (and any other details about yourself) in the personal statement.

@transferr2020 19.7% for U.S. applicants, according to their website.

Just turned in my app a few hours ago. Good luck everyone! Let’s keep each other company during the agonizing wait :smiley:

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone’s application went well. I’m already anxious about mine so I’d like to ask you guys about my chances.

I attend an in-state Community College.

My stats are:
Standing: 87 credits. (104 by June 2020 missing 1 pre-req class)
Major: Biology
GPA: Currently cumulative GPA at 2.93 despite taking upper-level classes while parents lost their business and acquiring a new one in the same year.
ECs: Preoperative Care Unit volunteer for 3 months (Roughly 133 volunteer hours acquired), Part-time job since July 2019.
Personal Statement: ~8/10

Hi all!

Glad this thread is here so we can support each other as we wait for May to come. I ran through last year’s thread and most people were getting admitted mid-June, so patience is the key :).

Did anyone else get their NetID email this afternoon? Progress! Nothing is loaded in myUW yet, but I’m excited the ball is officially rolling.

Good luck everyone!