*Official* What are my chances thread

<p>Hey since a lot of people are often wondering what there chances are, and alot of threads are hijacked for someone to ask there chance at a certain school, I think having one thread would be better than have 20 seperate topics and 20 more hijacked threads committed to this. So if you want to know your chances please post here and me or osmeone else will get back to you asap.</p>

<p>Hi I'm new the forum. Just was wondering what my chances were to Stern.
SAT-1460 (780 m/680 v). SAT II- Writing (750), Math IIC (740), however, Physics (590). GPA- 4.0 uw. Rank 4/230. Very strong counselor and teacher recs. 5 AP's (Calc AB, BC, Span, Physics, English). Some leadership activities are Class President, SPanish Honor Society secretary, Varsity Tennis. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>From what I've been hearing about SAT2's, the low physics score shouldn't really hurt you too much. Your SAT score is around what I assume for RD stern average to be for this year. Having a 780 math will help you since business is math oriented. You seem to have 60-70% shot, where are you from, what is your race? If your very good at tennis, call up the tennis coach, thtat may help you a little bit too is the buzz around the forum</p>


<p>HA..good luck confining all the chances posts to one thread, thats what I was originally trying to do.</p>


<p>Being good enough to play tennis (or any sport) at the university level will certainly increase your chances.</p>

<p>Thanks for replying. I am an All-division tennis player, but I don't know if that's good enough for college. Isn't it too late to contact the NYU's tennis coach? As for the physics sat II, I'm trying again in Jan. There are some perhaps negative factors..that being I'm from New Jersey and am Asian Indian. I guess we'll just have to see what happens. Nice to meet you all, hope you keep on postin.</p>

<p>I've heard being from New jersey hurts, but im from long island where it supposedly hurts the most and ive yet to really see anything back up this claim....</p>

<p>its not too late to contact, and all division may be good enough, NYU has division 3 sports , its not like a super school in sports or anything.</p>

<p>bump since a bunch of other chances threads are popping up...</p>

<p>What do u think my chances r for CAS RD, Im in the 10% of a top public school in NJ, white male, 1430 SATs, SAT IIs writing 740, chinese 630, US history 780, Lit 740, GPA 3.901 weighted 3.5713 unweighted, want to major in east asian studies, take Japanese and Cantonese outside of school, vp of chinese honor society, alot of other ecs and leadership positions, spent the summer in China, great recs (my chinese teacher said I was the best student she's ever had white or azn), and really nyu focused essays, and learning disabled. Taken 6 APs so far, nearly all that my school offers besides math and physics b/c thats where my LD is at. GC has written how it has affected my performance in school</p>

<p>correction unweighted is 3.580</p>

<p>ok nver mind the unweighted, my school doesnt do unweighted I just randomly tried to calculate a number I have no clue how to calculate.</p>

<p>You should get in, though this year is the most competitive ever.</p>

<p>I thought for stern most definitely but not for cas, cas in my school is a big joke b/c no one has ever been rejected by nyu cas.</p>

<p>im not dissing nyu cas i luv the schoiol soo much but peopeop give me weriod looks at my shcool when i mention how badly i want to go there</p>

<p>hey guys,
hey jwblue,</p>

<p>What do you think my chances at CAS are? I applied as a Bio major..</p>

<p>SAT V:650 M:710 (1360)
SATII Writing: 670, 2c: 700, chinese: 800
GPA so far: 3.8 (unweighted, very competitive HS) (12/600)
2 APS (Chem, English Lang)
Cal BC, ChemIII, Bio AP
club officer positons
piano 12 yrs
worked as a waitress
decent recs and decent essays</p>

<p>im concerned cuz i think my SAT scores are a bit low..</p>

<p>your class rank should give u a decent shot if it really is that competitive of a HS.</p>

<p>ames u a native chinese speaker?</p>

<p>haha yep. i was born in taiwan but i moved here when i was realllly little. </p>

<p>so my hs is a really smart but a bunch of spoiled rich kids. and last yr someone ED'd and didnt withdraw other apps and decided to go to UCLA instead (?? i dont know why) so NYU fines her and tells her shes ruined all relationships with NYU and my hs. haha..</p>

<p>how much did she get fined lol</p>

<p>What do you guys think my chances are?</p>

<p>Applied to CAS ( undecided-psychology,journalism...)
-Caucasian male
SATI: 800 v, 710m (1510)
SATII: 680 writing,690,700
GPA:3.93uw,4.5w Rank:15/539
-NHS,Spanish NHS, Math NHS, Book club (1st yr member), Math Academic Games(3rd place). Treasurer and 1st yr member of Model UN
-School newspaper. Also write movie reviews for a real newspaper</p>