Ohio State Class of 2025 Official Thread

A long time… I got accepted in January and just heard back a few days ago. I actually emailed them two days before I got in because I seemed to be like the only EA applicant who had not got an answer. I’m thinking they may just be behind?

Edit: also when they responded to the email, they said the honors college doesn’t get your application until after you have been accepted. So if you were accepted RD I would guess that it may take some time to hear anything

Thank you for the information… it is just hard to make any decisions not knowing.

Definitely get it. That’s why I emailed them last week.
I checked the response again and they said they will definitely have all honors college decisions out by mid-April!

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Hey everybody! OSU opened some in-person tours in April!! Here’s the link:


My D applied EA and heard back a little while ago. Her merit offer wasnt great by a long shot, but ive learned this is fairly normal for OOS especially if you didnt submit test scores and it at least put it in a possible range, should she choose tOSU. Im not sure of the honors college process after application as my D applied and received a rejection letter but it offered for her to apply for a scholars program (which you can only do freshman year, so if you are considering doing both you wanna choose scholars your freshman year). She chose the arts scholars program as her 1st pick & got an acceptance letter late last week which took about 2 weeks to hear back. I was quite disappointed tho when she saw that the Arts scholars are shoved into one of the absolute worst dorms on campus. She absolutely hates bugs and her friend who went there last year told her they are overrun with roaches in that dorm and you have no room whatsoever. Said having loft beds in baker, and the humidity she ended up with ceiling bits all over her bed & may have lost a few IQ points hitting her head on the ceiling plus no a/c. In all honesty I think the dorms may be why she doesnt choose there bc she says if I dont matter before they get the check, why would i after (she also seen pics of where the football players live & it seems like if she was an athlete, shed have access to much much nicer dorms & yes i know they bring in money but so does her tuition.) She said its kind of a slap in the face for some to be sooooo nice and others to be sooooo bad and they dont seem to place any value on their scholars if they dont even try to make their stay somewhat as nice. Makes me really sad as it was closest to home.

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Oh wow… thank you so much for this information! No one should have to live like that. I just haven’t been impressed with the whole process. My son is pre-med and the program there is suppose to be pretty good but I would never want him to live in those conditions.

Most of the scholars programs have very nice dorms, so that’s too bad that arts scholars doesn’t. From first glance, it looks like this hall was choosen for arts scholars because it has “a large performance space, dance room, music practice ​rooms, and an art and design room.” Always be sure to look more into something past someone’s anecdotal experiences, you never know how different your perception of something can be from someone else’s. I know several people who attend OSU and have loved their residential experiences. You may have already looked at this, but here is the link to all of the floorplans/virtual tours in that residence hall:

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If you’re in any scholars program, you have to stay in the same dorm assigned to that program. So she cant just choose another residence hall, unless she quits & then she gets none of the perks like priority scheduling (biggest reason she applied to it) and doesnt feel she should have to choose between being in scholars or being lucky to get the right classes & graduate on time in 4 years.
Now the program itself looks awesome and she was really happy to get in for the neuroscience major. They are a great school and their med school is even more amazing. I understand everyone experiences things differently, but this sadly isn’t just her friends’ opinion. They even wrote a joke piece a few years ago about your new roommates being roaches & how its so inclusive to include them in the student body. Im all for coping with humor but the admin know of the problem & doesnt seem to care, they badly need to renovate the older res. halls but they dont.

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I was in no way suggesting she drop the scholars program. I very well understand that one has to live in their scholars programs, hence why I sent the link to the dorm the arts scholars program is housed in. You shared on this page meant for discussion, so I shared some additional info and thoughts to be considered. I agree that they need to renovate their older dorms, and they have renovated many different facilities on campus, including the Thompson Library, the Ohio Union, Mirror Lake, etc. They’ve been working their way down the list, and have renovated some residential buildings, but it will be a while before everything has been touched.

Has anyone completed their housing contract? It is so complicated, and I’m trying to figure out how to pull data into the contract section successfully. Do you need to fill out the information in all of those Buckeye Links?

Does anyone know when we would hear back by if we applied to a learning community?

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when did you pay the acceptance fee? I’m still waiting for my contract

@pyneapple2021 we paid about a month ago. She just got her housing contract a couple of days ago.

i emailed osu asking about when we would receive info about financial aid. this is what i got (copy and pasted) “ So long as we have your FAFSA information, we can complete the award summary process within 10 business days of the admission decision being posted.”

By the end of April

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Can someone please tell me if the John Glenn Civic leadership learning community is hard to get?? I really want to be a part of this learning community so…

any word from scholarship universe?

This may be of interest for oos students planning to go on to grad school:

“Non-resident surcharge waived
The board authorized the waiver of all but $5 of the non-resident surcharge for select graduate students with baccalaureate degrees from institutions within Ohio, beginning spring semester 2021.
The goal of the waiver is to retain more talent with advanced degrees within the state of Ohio, increase affordability for out-of-state graduate students, and maintain consistency with other Ohio public universities. Historically, approximately 60% of graduate students have their non-resident surcharge funded by the university.”


see Non-Resident surcharge flat rate column for programs

My son lives in Baker. Yes, it’s ancient and crummy, but he is having the time of his life and has made tons of friends. The kids who live there have a lot of camaraderie, so I wouldn’t assume it wouldn’t be a good experience. I realize girls might want something nicer, but at least for mine (and his brother who also was in an old dorm at another university), it has led to some great friendships.