Ohio State Class of 2025 Official Thread

I just wanted to start this thread for everyone who is applying to Ohio State EA or RD class of 2025 to talk, get to know more about the process, and to ask any questions they may have to anyone who responds. Also if anyone wants to put their stats, quantitative, qualitative or both, that’d be fine too! I personally submitted my application about 2 weeks ago for early action, and was wondering if anyone has heard back from Ohio State yet?


Thank you. My daughter recently applied.

Thanks! Son applied on 10/15.


Applied 10/15 as well

@stacysmom21 @JROBO1 @socalgb have any of you guys heard of when EA decisions may come out?

I think there may be some activity around Thanksgiving based on old threads, but that is not confirmed.

My guess would be that since they pushed the deadline out two weeks (it’s normally been 11/1 and this year is 11/15) that decisions might get pushed out a couple weeks too. Both of our older kids found out the week before Thanksgiving. OSU has historically pushed acceptances out every other Friday (at least in Nov and Dec.). The emails that our kids got all said they would hear by mid-January. Oh - and my experience is there’s no rhyme or reason to the timing of who finds out when. My son applied last minute and still found out before Thanksgiving.

Crossing fingers and toes!! This is our last child’s first choice! and our Daughter graduates in May so I’m not ready to be “done”!!! :slight_smile:

I’ll be watching this post to see how everyone is doing!!! Good luck everyone!

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I just looked at another thread and someone shared they called the Admissions office at OSU and they indicated they’ll be releasing EA acceptances on December 11th and January 29th (I think i got that right). So looks like only a couple waves this time.


@ohiomomof3 oh so they do it in only 2 waves? I hope I get my decision on the December wave because I am ANXIOUS

does anyone know if decisions would come out earlier? i saw a thread from a year or two ago saying they came out pretty soon and in multiple waves?
I applied EA on October 29 and i’'m from out of state

@asdfgabjkl I really hope so. I applied EA on 10/19 and I am OOS as well

Oh I just looked on their website. They posted when they release decision. For EA, they release them in 2 waves: December 11th and January 29th. For RD, the release them in 2 waves too:February 19th and March 26th. These are for fall entry, not spring. Also, there is an asterisk next to the dates, which indicates that they are “subject to change”, but it is looking like it will be around then

@ncelotto did they say anything about what distinguishes people from the first group to the second group? I hope we’re both in the earlier group

@asdfgabjkl they did not. But I have heard in pervious years that it is random. So its not like more accepted students will be Dec 11 and Jan 29 will be more rejections. I think its just random

I personally talked to the admissions office and they said EA decisions will start rolling out Friday December 4th, and will continue to release every Friday through January 31st. The decisions will be random, as it does not matter when you applied.

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@kapflumm oh that’s amazing. Better than just two waves

Do full scholarship amounts get released with the decision including Morrill scholars?

@AnoopS I have no idea. I’d love if someone could also answer that

@AnoopS The scholarships will be received at a later date, after you have received an admission decision, in a separate letter/email.

Applied EA in late October too!! Thanks for the updates on the decision roll out dates!! Fingers crossed all thru December now.