Ohio State Class of 2025 Official Thread

Yeah my D is a for sure a girly girl lol

I was accepted on December 11th for Neuroscience with an emphasis in Pre-med. I am an oos (california)

How many applicants did they receive this year and how many were accepted

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It says you need an access code. Do you happen to have that?

anyone know when move in day is?

do many of the incoming freshman go for the spring game?

Try this instead, I have a link to the admitted student page. On this, you’ll have to click on the tab that says, “Come Visit Us!” Here’s the link:

Does anyone know how competitive the learning communities are? The application is pretty simple and straight forward with not a lot of information for you to put out there. I am worried that the learning communities are super competitive and that there is not enough room on the application to prove why you should be chosen for a community. Does anyone know how many people get into each community? Does anyone know which communities are most competitive?

It really depends on the community…am in the business honors LC and they only took 25 students…but i dont know if that’s the case at all of them.

Does anyone know when we hear back from scholarship universe?

I received a ScholarshipUniverse Scholarship with no notification, it just showed up on my Financial Aid Summary.

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Is the business honors LLC different from the Honors housing that incoming freshman who are accepted into the Honors program are required to live in?

Members of the BHLC will live in Taylor Tower.

Those in the honors program can live in Taylor Tower, Bradley Hall or Lincoln Tower.

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Exactly right…BHLC is in Taylor - I suppose if you want north campus being in a LC in Taylor helps get the dorm you want…

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My understanding is that Taylor will be quads for freshman who willl share a private bathroom. Bradley will be doubles with a common hallway bathroom and no AC. And Lincoln will be suite style living with 4 sets of doubles sharing common space.

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Right, so BHLC is a subset of the honors program with honors students interested in business, correct? Just want to clarify that the BHLC is not the Scholars program which has different housing options or something else entirely.

BHLC is the only learning community that requires you to be a member of the Honors Program.

Honors and Scholars are different.

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Thank you!

I’m not sure if your daughter is still considering OSU, but my daughter is an Arts Scholar and lived in Baker West last year. I almost had a heart attack when I saw where she’d be living, but she LOVED it. She made some amazing friends and there were a ton of activities sponsored by the dorm that the kids could get involved in. She is living in a much nicer dorm this year with some of the girls she met in the Arts Scholars program.

D22 and H are headed to OSU this weekend to walk around campus and get a sense of Columbus. Wondering if people have thoughts on the Glenn college/public affairs major. They have a separate living/learning community housed at Busch. Anyone know about that particular dorm — it looks nice on the website.

My freshman daughter is a public affairs minor, accounting major. She is in the Glenn LLC. The LLC is a very nice program and the kids seem to form a nice cohort especially during these trying times. The dorm is very nice and has great access to High St. She has enjoyed her two PA classes so far and found the professors very knowledgeable. She will be doing a second year in the LLC, hoping to get some of the experiences they missed out on this year. The PA major is a great one, with excellent access to local leaders and an awesome DC program.

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