Ohio State Class of 2025 Official Thread

Thank you for this information! She is so excited to visit!

Son accepted and trying to decide between OSU and Binghamton University. Visiting OSU this weekend - his main concern is size of campus and having to take a bus to classes. Any advice/insight?

Does anyone know how competitive the Global Business LC is?

Can you share information about the Business Honors experience? How did you find the academic adjustment to college as part of the Business Honors program?

I went to school at Ohio State back before wheels were invented and was able to walk between all classes in 10 minutes or less that were on main campus. The west campus area is a bit farther and requires a bus, but it’s mostly administrative these days - not many classes held there.

You will find (as my 3 kids who either went or are going to OSU did), that the campus gets a lot smaller as you get to know your way around. Most buildings are clustered by major (medical, biology/science, engineering, etc) and it really isn’t a problem.

Good luck making a decision.

Go Bucks!

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Great info - thank you! He is planning to study astrophysics - just wondering what best dorms would be to be close to classes? South or North? He would be in Honors program too so looks like he needs to be in Taylor, Bradley or Lincoln? Wasn’t sure if they place in best location or he needs to scramble to try to get in best spot? Really appreciate the intel!

Engineering and physics will most likely be closer to the north campus dorms, but first year student classes tend to be all over where the bigger lecture halls are. Talyor is on north campus, Bradley is on south, and Lincoln is near the football stadium (so the west side of main campus). Of the 3 you mention, Taylor has air conditioning as does Lincoln.

Thx again - great info!

My daughter and nephew both loved Binghamton! We are in state so it was a great bargain also.
We are deciding between Ohio State and Pitt undergraduate business schools, also re-looking at Delaware’s business school because he got into the honors program. Any thoughts on any of these wonderful choices?

I know the Binghamton business program is top notch. My eldest son almost went there. Pretty sure they compete against the Ivys in many business school competitions. I went to two orientations there and was very impressed with them academically. IMO best SUNY school option. BU often referred to as a “Little Ivy”. If my youngest was going for business, he would probably be leaning that way (we are in state too). BU campus nice but obviously nothing like OSU. I am sure OSUs business school is incredible too - just not not the curriculum my youngest is looking at. Good luck!

My son was waitlisted at Binghamton SOM, Although he would have likely gotten into Harper, but the way Binghamton works we had to choose…he’s in love with Pitt business school - I was curious if anyone had thoughts on that school or OSU…

Btw, My nephew went to Harper and then got into Binghamton’s MBA program SOM and is graduating with a terrific job.

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is the glenn LLC hard to get?

My son was accepted on March 26th but there still is no money in his financial aid. Does this mean he is getting no aid? We are out of state. He applied for FAFSA but even that’s not showing.

I’d call the Financial Aid office. His late acceptance very likely lays into all that.

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I’m actually still a junior in HS, but I have a 3.85 weighted, test optional, 1 AP, 300 hours of volunteering, and I’ve been in 8 different extracurriculars. Internship at Ohio health/Riverside. Do you guys think I have a shot?

Choose OSU! Go bucks!

Access code?

Here’s my previous response

Try pre-med or biology?

Your child will need to submit an essay but otherwise it wasn’t too rigorous. She has had a great experience in the community and the kids are all wonderful.