Ohio State Class of 2025 Official Thread

Still deciding? Or revved up and can hardly wait for Fall? Check out buckeyes_photo on instagram (a current student) who has great photos of campus.

When do we hear back from learning communities?

The 29th/30th of April

My son received an email about the BHLC earlier today.

Hi my son’s portal still indicates that he is waitlisted but he received an acceptance to an LLC yesterday. Has anyone else had this experience?

@user_736293 My son was between Bing SOM & OSU decided to go with Binghamton (he is a junior there and loves it). He is planning on staying for graduate school. He liked the smaller size and being closer to home.

My HS senior daughter decided on OSU and said she’s confident she’ll figure out how to navigate a large campus with no issue. :slight_smile: :grinning:

@Daisylili I am glad to hear that about your nephew. My son is a junior in Binghamton SOM and also planning on staying for his Master’s in Accounting.

Does anyone know when in August orientation is held? Is it in early August or in the middle of the month?

Orientation is online and has different dates for different people. Go on your admissions portal and you should see a section about scheduling orientation if you haven’t done that already. If you’ve already scheduled orientation, you’ll find your dates on the portal. If you are asking about move in and start of classes/welcome week, then that will be starting on August 21st with classes beginning the 24th.

Has anyone received the Buckeye Scholarship without submitting test scores? My GPA and class rank qualify.