Ohio State Class of 2026 Admission

My daughter applied EA in early October and hasn’t received any notification yet. Any idea when an out of state student might be hearing back? I see someone wrote 1/21 - is that the last date for EA? Thanks

Yes, Oct 21st is the second wave for EA applicants. We are waiting as well:)

Do you mean January 21st? Thanks much

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Yes…tired brain today. Yes, 1/21:)


Should we expect to hear about merit awards on Jan 21?

My kid got an interview today.

He received it on January 7th and got admitted early action on December 13th.

Nice! Was it through buckeyemail?

My daughter was accepted in December. Out of State. We are wondering who knows when merit will be released? Thoughts?

The acceptance letter said in the coming weeks in months, but my best guess is mar-April? At least thats what ive heard

Why do you think it would be that late? Don’t they want accepted students to have them in hand when making their enrollment decisions? Most estimates seem to be February.

Gmail even though he set up buckeyemail

Ok. Thx!

My oos D just got an email last night with acceptance into their honors program. She hasn’t heard back yet about the Morrill scholarship or any other merit offers yet, but really hoping for that to come next.


Was it her Buckeye email or personal email? Thanks!

My daughter received the email about honors as well. It went to her personal email.


I also received a scholars email last night. Gmail


It was in her personal email. Good luck!

My daughter also got this email. Is the honors program selective at all at osu? Wasn’t sure if this was a big deal or not?

My son got the honors email as well. Hoping to see some merit in the upcoming weeks/month!

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