Ohio State Class of 2026 Admission

At this time in the process, OSU will either give an admitted, denial, denial to main campus but admitted at a regional campus for Ohio residents, or waitlisted. I don’t think you can ask to be placed on the waitlist after beind denied. There are usually over 1000+ waitlisted students.

FWIW…the OSU common data set published for the last two years shows zero acceptances off the wait list…so it doesn’t appear they ever pull from it…but imagine every year could be different depending upon how many admitted students commit by 5/1

Just wanted to pop in to wish everyone the best of luck with their final decisions. It’s been great going on this journey with you all!!


I assume you committed to Ohio State :slight_smile: congrats!

Yes I did! Thanks! What are you all deciding to do if i may ask?


Well my kid already committed to Ohio State, but just got a large amount of money from Syracuse. Which still just brings it down to the cost of Ohio State lol


Hmm, is she going to stay w OSU or go Syracuse?

Most likely OSU. It’s where her heart is. What can ya do? Lol

daughter just got off waitlist


Interesting information from their own institutional research documents. 13% more applicants than last year, 10% more admits than last year, but down 4% on enrollment. Absolutely incredible. They can’t be alone in their enrollment numbers.

Just got a departmental scholarship from fisher. Didn’t know they had those!


That’s amazing! Did not know you could get that with the Morrill! Did not even know they had departmental!

I didn’t either! I called to see if they stacked and financial aid said yes so this is truly a huge blessing!

Hi! My daughter just got off the waitlist at OSU (Business major). She probably would have chosen OSU earlier, but accepted an offer at a different Big 10 school. Trying to figure out how far behind we will be on finding roommates, choosing dorms, etc if we change gears now? Have other incoming freshman class of 2026 done all of this already? Thanks!

My son just got accepted (they finally actually looked at his application :slight_smile:
He is thrilled- has accepted - They will not be behind. Go for it if it is what she wants.

Congrats! I think it’s totally fine to start it now. There are good FB groups for Class of 2026 parents and roommate portal just opened up that they can join the FB Buckeye Class of 2026 and there is also an Inta group as well. There is an app called Patio they can join that helps with roommates. It’s on the student FB 2026 group. CONGRATS!