Ohio U vs U Miami oxford

Is U Miami Oxford really worth the extra money you have to pay?

I am Out of State so it like a 20k extra a year. I am planning to go into Industrial Engineering but I may switch to management Information Systems due to the fact that I have always enjoyed business

@Kingly71 Miami is a beautiful school but they do not have Industrial Engineering. My son is interested in IE but he was accepted into Farmer School of Business. He will likely not attend Miami since there is no IE program and the merit aid at Miami is quite low ($20K per year). Ohio U has IE and they have offered full tuition to my son. He doesn’t like the location of OU so he is continuing to look at other IE schools. He has several full ride and full tuition offers at various engineering schools.

Only OU has your desired majors and is ABET accredited for Industrial Engineering. They also offer an MIS degree. Only OU is affordable. Miami while a fine school does not have the reputation for engineering that say the University of Cincinnati does. OU’s Engineering program is just as good as Miami’s in general and they are actively seeking engineering candidates (thus your scholarship). Unless you have a specific reason you would not want to attend OU it would be a very good opportunity. Good luck in your decision.